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This is a big one...


The 5.4 PTR Notes is out! Here is an info laden WoW daily covering all the new shiz we know :D


Heres the shownotes - a good place for skimming through info. There is more depth in the video.




Patch 5.4 PTR has been released!


Format - New features, end bosses, new gear, new mounts/pets, Patch notes



Vurtual Realms

Sets of realms are fused together and behave as if they were one cohesive realm. This includes arena, guilds etc


Proving Grounds

For individuals to improve their combat skills. There are challenges for tanks, healers and dps.

Helps people get skilled on their own - no need to bother a group with your terrible healing.

There are 4 modes, bronze, silver, gold and endless.

Endless has high scores it seems so that gives some competition.


Timeless Isle

This seems to be the new solo pve arena, akin to battlefield barrens. I dont see it being a daily zone

as they said they preferred battlefield barrens style content.

There is a pet battle tournament here also.


New Raid - Siege of Orgrimar

Videos in background are the models for Garrosh and the Sha of Pride

The T16 raid. No idea if it is linear or branched.

Bosses are as follows:


-The Fallen Protectors


-Sha of Pride - The final sha

-Galakras - Warlord Zaelas Drake

-Iron Juggernaut

-KorKron Dark Shaman - A pair of shamans

-General Nazgrim


-Spoils of Panderia

-Thok the Bloodthirsty

-Siegecrafter Blackfuse

-Paragons of the Klaxxi

-Garrosh Helscream


In total 14 bosses, one of the largest raids they have made.


New Scenario - The Celestial Tournament

Its achievments are listed under pet battles



Here is a look at the new T16 Gear and S14Gear

Ill do a full video on this today.


New Mounts

Skeletal Warhorse and War Nightsaber mounts


New Models

A bunch of very cool new models has been datamined.


Patch Notes

Bosses, Raids etc

-You can now use bonus rolls on world bosses after your first kill of the week

-LFR drop chances for bonus rolls have been increased for all prior raids

-Normal ToT bonus roll drop rates increased.

-Coming first in a gold challenge mode gives a temporary title that remains as long as you are the fastest on the realm.


-S14 Grievous Gear is available

-S13 Tyrannical gear is aviaiable for Honor points

-S12 Malevolent is crafted


There are a bunch of pet battle changes - look on the screen

WoW Daily 12/06/2013 Patch 5.4 PTR Notes are up! Proving Grounds, Siege of Orgrimmar, Virtual Realms
Warcraft Daily, your daily source of World of Warcraft news. Today ill be looking at the giant info dump that …
  • Jun 12, 2013, 4:03:38 PM

Well they didnt mess around with new features :D Looking good so far!

  • Jun 13, 2013, 12:54:56 AM

Well Dayum, this video has got the most views in 12 hours of anything I have done. It also got 6 more referrals to anook :D