Hey guys,

we have just uploaded the latest update for Anook. It has been quite some time since our last major release so there is a ton of new stuff to talk about. We originally had planed to release this update in January, but as some of you know, one of our servers crashed which cost us quite some time...

One of the problems with Anook growing quite fast now is, that sometimes really good contributions weren't discovered by a lot of users and really interesting users joined without getting a lot of attention. To change this, we are introducing Game Moderators.

Moderators will be able to highlight a game related contribution and spread it to all followers of that game. This way your daily feed should be updated with more interesting stuff and contributors will have the chance to reach a broader audience.

Moderators will also be able to feature interesting users on Anook and this way provide exposure for people who deserve more followers. You will see these featured users on game pages and in the user overview soon. (To learn more about Moderators, check the new Moderator Nook)

We have also spent a lot of time working on improved lists for things like games, nooks or live streams, removed Own3d.tv (sad), updated the look of menus and further improved the site performance. We also fixed a lot of bugs reported by the community, like...

  • Multiple notification emails for people who can't decide whether to follow or not
  • Continuing nook invitations after declining
  • Correct username tagging of usernames with special characters
  • Team Fortress 2 profile error on empty stats
  • Jump to last reply on forum

And finally we have added a gallery of Anook logos and buttons for you awesome guys who want to support us and spread the word. Check our new and improved Get Involved page. There is a lot more to come, we are already started working on the next update.

Thank you for all your support.

See you on Anook,