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Female, 32 years old, lives in Canada

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Blaugust Day 31 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

It is done! Looking back on Blaugust.

Blaugust: C'est fini
Blaugust Day 31] This is it, the last day of August and the last day of Blaugust. And including this post, …
Blaugust Day 30 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

The cold can be one hell of an enemy.

The Long Dark: So cold and tired
Blaugust Day 30] The blizzard continued throughout the night. Sometimes the wind howled so loud that it woke …
Blaugust Day 29 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

The first day of surviving in the northern Canadian Rockies.

The Long Dark: Crashed
I hadn't played The Long Dark since January, where I played it for a few hours. I really liked it but got …
Blaugust Day 28 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

My thoughts on the Trove classes

My thoughts on the Trove classes
Blaugust Day 28] Since I now have all of the classes at level 10 or higher, I think I can say that I have a …
Blaugust Day 27 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

It's the beginning of a difficult Sims 3 legacy: a runaway child with no money and no possessions.

The Salix Legacy: Addie comes to Crumpleton
Blaugust Day 27] Back at the beginning of the month, I mentioned how I wanted to start a new challenge in a …
Blaugust Day 26 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

One of the things I miss the most about WoW is my characters. And this is why. (I forgot to link to this yesterday)

Attached to those animated pixels
Blaugust Day 26] In years past, I used to play good old World of Warcraft and some days, I miss it. Today was …
Blaugust Day 25 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

Lord Crumb and I finish off the War in the North

The End of the War in the North
Blaugust Day 25] It is done. Even after Lord Crumb had the save-breaking bug, we managed to finish War in the …
Blaugust Day 24 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

Is your blog using self-hosted WordPress? Give Clef a try to make it more secure.

Beef up your WordPress login security with Clef
Blaugust Day 24] If you don't already know this, I'm going to tell you: passwords are ridiculously insecure. …
Blaugust Day 23 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

Duo-ing Uber 3 Shadow Arenas

Duo-ing Uber 3 Shadow Arenas
Blaugust Day 23] The other day while Lord Crumb and I were playing Trove, I told him how I had read that …
Blaugust Day 22 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

Video game crushes (forgot to post this yesterday)

Video game crushes
Blaugust Day 22] There's a Blaugust topic that's making round currently where you list your video game …
Blaugust Day 21 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

When the power goes out, I read crappy books and play board games by candlelight.

No power means books and board games
Blaugust Day 21] Today started off pretty well actually. There were thunderstorms moving in and the forecast …