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The addons that I will cover in this video are:
• Bug grabber & Bug sac
• Addon Control panel
• Strata fix
• Tooltip on mouse

These will help you to easily manage your addons, also blocking and fixing bugs and glitches.

Let’s start with Addon Control Panel, this is an addon that I would recommend to anyone and everyone, this addon allows you to view and manage your addons in game, without having to log out. You can easily enable and disable all addons or pick the ones you need at the moment or even try to identify which addon is causing a crash. Also you can create sets to easily switch to different groups of addons, for example, back in the day when I had a really bad computer, I had 4 set of addons, 1 for sitting around the city talking to people and doing auction and bank work, another for going out in the world gathering and questing, another for pvp and lastly another one for pve.

The next addons that I will talk about are Bug Grabber and Bug Sack, these 2 addons work together, one captures the bugs and the other one does something with them.

The third addon up is Strata Fix, this is a simple addon with no configuration that simply fixes glitches in the blizzard ui caused by having other addons, an example would be the mouse cursor disappearing when trying to exit a cut scene. I remember that happening to me a lot in cata especially in that annoying Throne of the Tides cut scene to start the boss.

Tooltip on mouse is another simple addon that doesn’t require any configuration, all it does is put your tooltip on top of your mouse cursor.

And that is it for this part of my addons series, stay tuned for the next part where I will be covering my map and questing addons, if you found this useful I’d love to have you as a subscriber, but if you’re already subscribed come hang out with my friends and I in my Live Stream every Saturday at 9 PM MST. As always thanks for watching and good hunting.