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Fredelas - Final Day

Writing for a personal blog has proven to be unhealthy for my personality.

Blaugust: Experiment Terminated
Until this month, I had never tried writing as a hobby. I do a lot of writing for work, and it comes easily to …
Fredelas - Day 14

A short rant against the myth of "optimization."

"It's not optimized yet."
Every time I come across this phrase, my jaw starts to clench up, my knuckles turn white, and I start to hear …
Fredelas - Day 13

I interviewed Arondumir, whose server is closing at the end of 2015.

Voices of LOTRO: Arondumir of Imladris
Imladris is one of LOTRO's newer servers. It opened in Sepetember 2010 with the advent of free-to-play, but …
Fredelas - Day 12

Infinite Crisis Concluded: my retrospective as a tester and reluctant admirer.

Fredelas - Day 11

I interviewed Sigewolf of LOTRO's Elendilmir server, scheduled to close in 2015.

Voices of LOTRO: Sigewolf of Elendilmir
Elendilmir is one of LOTRO's original North American servers, and its unofficial Oceanic server. Known to many …
Fredelas - Day 10

I interviewed Skamvetnir of LOTRO's Gilrain server.

Voices of LOTRO: Skamvetnir of Gilrain
With 19 of LOTRO's servers closing at the end of 2015, I thought it would be nice to meet a few of their …
Fredelas - Day 9

Four major things keep me away from ArcheAge.

Why I don't play ArcheAge
On the surface, ArcheAge has many features that should appeal to me. It's a beautiful Korean import, like my …
Fredelas - Day 8

My final favorite feature in ArcheAge is its criminal justice system.

Five Favorite Features: ArcheAge #5 - Criminal Justice
ArcheAge has an unmistakable focus on PvP; this conflict is an integral part of many of the game's activities. …