I wanted to write a Blog post for this nook for quite some time now, but never did it. I am lazy. Well, now i am doing it, so its fine i guess.

I wanna talk about Age of Empires and maybe nostalgia aswell.

From time to time i play Age of Empires 2 HD with my brother and sometimes with another freind of him. Because of that i recently installed the first game again and played it. Watching the intro reminded me of so much and it was awesome.
Age of Empires was one of my first (maybe even THE first) games i had for Pc. I got a cracked copy from a friend. He played it all the time and i was like "Man i wish i had this game" and then he gave me the copy one day. It was a pretty awesome day. I still have that copy. It has even the Expansion in it. Something with Rome, i dont remember the exact title.

Anyways, when i started playing i heard the music. Another great part of this game. One of the greates tracks is probably this one. I am listening to it right now. Memories and all that stuff coming up. As i played along i noticed that there is actually not that much stuff to do in the game. If you compare it to AoE 2 or other way newer RTS games. And i actually like that. I am easily overwhelmed by all the stuff i have to do in RTS games. Thats why i suck at them. I cant really multi task. I can barely attack with an army and gather resources at the same time. In this particular game i wanted to attack an army with my infantry. But at the same time i attacked with a few ships. Two battles going on at one time. Then my base got attacked and i got destroyed because there was no one to defend it. I got mad and quit the game. After all it is pretty bad and i prefer newer ones.

But hold on. If it is "bad" then why do i play it? Of course older games can be quite good and sometimes even better than newer ones. But the main reason we play them is in most cases nostalgia. If we played the game when we were younger, if it is part of our memory then we like it and it doesnt even matter if it is "bad". We liked it once so we like it again.
Like Pokemon Blue. That game is not as good as the new versions. I cant belive how slow you walk in that game. How could i play it without turbo shoes? (the ones that give you the ability to run).
Other example, same case: Oblivion. I never played an Elder Scrolls game before Skyrim. A friend of mine told me to try out Oblivion because "It is the best TES game". I tried it. I didnt like it. How can that be? He likes Skyrim, i like Skyrim. He likes Oblivion, so i should like it aswell, right? Well, turns out, he pratically grew up with that game. I didnt. I should probably ask him if he ever played Age of Empires. The first one.

I guess I'll end it here. Thats a long text. If you read it, good job :)
I kinda just wrote what was in my mind, so yeah....i dont know.

Have a fine day :)