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Nov 25, 2008
ESRB T | PEGI 12 | USK 12
Aion is a Korean MMORPG which combines PvP and PvE combat in a fantasy game environment. Aion features two major expansion and is free-to-play.


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Dioraneil wrote

I am really enjoying Aion Upheaval. They have improved this game tremendously since I last played!!

Jaedia posted to MMOGames

Upheaval will be Aion's next expansion and it sounds huge

Huge New Expansion Announced For Aion - Upheaval -
Aion has been knocking around for a fair few years now but has been doing pretty well for itself since the …
Xyriaa uploaded a picture

My Sorc-Lady Xyriaa :)

I love how she looks like <3

  • Mar 23, 2015, 10:52:40 PM

She's lovely! Welcome to Anook!

  • Mar 24, 2015, 12:16:15 AM

Thank you all :) i´m happy i found this homepage :)

Maressa posted to MMOGames

NCSoft has announced new mobile games attached to Aion, Blade & Soul, and Lineage Eternal will be on mobile and PC.

G-Star 2014: NCSoft is Going Mobile with Popular Titles Aion, Blade & Soul, and Lineage Eternal -
During G-Star 2014 in Korea NCSoft announced not one, not two, but three mobile games tied to their most …
SBunny wrote

Sometimes I miss playing this game.

GaymerRanger uploaded a picture

I've started to play again and I made dis D:

Debaser wrote

Hey guys,

just wanted to ask how is Aion's game state today. I used to play back when it was released with the sub model, until it got Free then I stopped. Want to know specifically if it has become P2W, about balance, Levelling (since i'd start over probably) and any other huge changes that may have occured since it went F2P.

Thanks in advance. :)

  • Aug 28, 2014, 12:00:06 AM

Also how are dungeons?

Space-Dandy uploaded a picture

anyone else still play?


Tiamat, Keeper


so I'm checking out what all my old favorite MMO's are doing for april fools. cruised on over to the Aion website...and i see this:

New Class - The mime.

Skills Preview:

The Art of Silence --- You cannot be silenced. This ability is always active. If you are the target of a spell or effect that would cause you to be silenced, the effect instead affects the caster.

Equilibrium --- Each time you dodge an attack, your Physical Attack and Evasion are increased by 20% for 10 seconds. Dodging subsequent attacks resets this duration and stacks effectiveness, up to a maximum of 200%

Focus --- Passively grants 10 evasion per level. When activated, grants you a 100% chance to dodge all physical attacks for the next 10 seconds.

The Toc --- Mimes cannot use weapons. Instead, your physical attack and accuracy are calculated based on your current evasion. Special focus items have been added to the game for use in the Mime’s weapon and shield slots.

Plum Line --- Tosses forth an invisible lasso that attaches to one enemy and drags them in. For 10 seconds, that enemy cannot travel further than 5m from the Mime.

Illusion --- Creates an invisible box around yourself or your target, confining them within, but preventing any interacting with them for up to 30 seconds or until the ability is activated again.

Counter-Point --- Mimics the next ability used on you, preventing the damage and effect and returning them to the original caster.

Isolations --- Your body moves in an unnatural, independent way, causing your opponents to suffer a 25% reduction in defensive stats against you. Physical Defense, Dodge, Parry and Block are all affected.

Mimic --- DP skill. Creates an exact duplicate of yourself on the spot you are standing, which deals and receives damage like a real character. Lasts for 10 seconds. During this time, you enter the advanced hide state and your movement speed increases by 10%.

Gunslingers have received an attack boost for being an underplayed class.

Aethertechs can now remotely control their Bastions. Remote is available for purchase on the store.

Addressed an issue with players being able to reach level 65. Affected players will be set to max level of 64.75.


Dem patch notes doe.

Aion - New MIME Class - First Look!
Here's a very brief sneak peek at some footage we pulled off our internal test servers of the new MIME class! …
Gaiex wrote

Aion save me...

Captured with Lightshot
Brandonn wrote

Playin some Aion TM server Lawlie :) add if wanna ;D

  • Dec 7, 2013, 12:38:23 AM

Never could get into Aion, but I won't hold it against you. :P

  • Dec 7, 2013, 1:18:01 AM

Welcome on Anook!

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Recently started palying Aion, this is my current main, gladiator TheExile


Here is my latest Aion video. This one is in The Assassin series.

The Assassin Episode 2 - For the Birds! - [Aion 4.0 Dark Betrayal] Aion 4.0 Let's Play (PC) [HD 1080p] OK so I really don't have a good description for …

This was a very challenging video to make. Lost power half way into it. The my computer crashed twice. Amazingly I did not lose but a minute or two of footage here and there.

The Songweaver Episode 5 - Aion 4.0 Dark Betryal - Muse Gameplay
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