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TBC 2013
AirMechis a free-to-play futuristic ARTS video game which puts the player in similar perspective of a giant transforming robot. The game features six game modes with the objective to destroy the enemies fortress by managing resources, buildings and units.


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Playing some airmech this early morning :D Message me to join in!


Going to play some Airmech this morning. I really am enjoying it. Added the Launch Trailer for anyone who hasn't played it. It is completely free. Here is my refer link if your interested:

AirMech Arena - Launch Trailer
Check out the launch trailer for AirMech Arena. Visit all of our channels: Features & Reviews - …
  • Sep 13, 2014, 3:54:00 PM

The airmechs look like transformers :-D

  • Sep 14, 2014, 6:09:15 AM

I used to play a ton of Herzog Zwei back in the day, the game this is kinda based off of. Absolutely fell in love with Airmech when I found it a couple years ago. Carbon is a great bunch of devs as well, and they deserve all the money that they get thrown at them by the awesome community they have there.


Playing some Airmech! Check it out free on steam! and use this referral link to join me in the fight :D


Time to play some Airmech on steam, followed by some Strife or Smite gaming. Hope everyone has a great rest of the week :D


Ubisoft and Carbon Games annouce AirMech Arena, the Xbox 360 version of the free-to-play PC game AirMech

Ubisoft and Carbon Games Announce AirMech Arena
Ubisoft and Carbon Games Announce AirMech Arena On April 7th, 2014, Ubisoft announced a partnership with …

The Angel Mech Overview by @InvaderMEEN

AirMech: Angel Mech
AirMech: Angel Mech AirMech had been beta-testing it's new AirMech, the Angel, for about a month and a half. …

My sister plays a fun game called "AirMech"...

Girls DO Play AirMech: Part 1 "Silly Striker"
My Official Website: Download the FREE Invasion 628 Studios Browser Extension: …