With Allods Online I am a boomerang, basically whether I play Skyrim, WoW, AoC, or any other game whether it is online or offline, I will always go back to Allods Online.

All the patches that they had issued out, it has been a up and down scenario, but with each patch it is different from the next one. So if 1st Patch was not to your liking, the following one will be and so forth.
People do still troll the forum, I guess they are still boomeranging back.

The game has a lot of forum games issued by the GM's, mostly by Piopico, coolest GM ever. Perhaps this is also why I keep boomeranging back. The GM's are very helpful, if they cant do it then, they will surely get onto it straight away. I guess you can say to the GM's we are not just any gamer who is playing Allods Online, we are not a number, they really look after us. On the plus side, there is no Gold Spammer at all, somehow gPotato has managed to eliminate the dreaded Gold Spammers or was it Mother Russia :p

My runes at the moment are lvl4's plus 1x lvl2 rune, I did leave it way too late in the game but I wasn't bothered with runes at all, now if I want to go Astral I must get better gear, get my ship in order and its Astral time :)

With the latest patch, I don't like what they did to the Xad females, the dancing has been changed, we now look like we are shooing flies, and when we fight it is more like dancing... will I quit, eh no. I am still playing.. What I regret is deleting my first ever char a scout. I should have waited and left her on the self found a better build and then keep playing her. But ah live and learn I guess.

Patch 4.0 is coming or is Patch 4.1506789101112 cant recall I know it starts with a 4..... the cap level is moving up to 55, I cant wait for that.

In my not so long rantings and bad grammar, I had been looking for a game that I can sub to, so far WoW and Skyrim Online (when it is released) will be the game that I will sub to. GW2 looks promising, as I am a fan of Fable. Halo4 is also promising as well. When I see Halo4 I get very excited or any other game for that matter, and my sister just laughs and says you need to get a XBOX, PS3, Playstation, Wii, PSP. I am however happy that I don't have these at home, otherwise it will be a overload, my health will deteriorate, and at a very young age, I would have had a heart attack or be very anti social. That is why I make the time for some sun and fresh air, and make sure that I am not stuck in front of a computer at all and I look after my health. Besides I dont get paid to play games, that would have been a different avenue all together if I was getting paid for playing etc.

Take care of yourself and remember to see the Sun sometime :) Dont be afraid to say hello to your fellow human :p

Happy Gaming :)