Welcome to @CRRGamingGroup @RatedArk Ark Survival Evolved Seasonal PUBLIC PVE/PVE Server Hosted by Esme’s and Foe!

Our Server Lore !
by @foerender Your part of A.R.K ( Agricultural , Reconnaissance , Kill team ). You are a specialized team member but all members of the team have detailed knowledge of agriculture and survival as well as knowledge of advanced engineering . Your specialization however sets you apart from your other squad members . The mission is to patrol near and distant solar systems and planets to research their agriculture and eliminate any possible threats to our home planet . Although during your latest mission your space hulk was met with alien resistance and unfortunately you were forced into an emergency crash landing. Upon fending for survival you're met with other homosapien life all of which live by a pretty loose set of laws which seem to keep the peace . Harming other humanoid life or their belongings is forbidden except for a monthly event they call THE PURGE , this is when you can participate in all out war against others on the island to settle any differences or expel any unwanted aggression . The law seems to be set in place by an unknown entity and by the looks of the people that have been here for a while, this unknown entity is powerful and highly feared.
Being that the team was scattered , it's up to you to locate each other , survive, and try and make it back to your Home world ! Good luck ! You are a valued asset to this project !

Rates are 15 x Everything! This is to help you build up fast and enjoy your time because we are a seasonal server and wipe every three months! It also helps to replenish what you might lose on a PVP Purge Weekend ( if you choose to play)

Server Rules and Info!
Please make sure you read and understand all of the rules below as ignorance of the rules will not save you from a permaban.

You can connect through our Nitrado page here!

PVE: We are 80% PVE
We are a PVE server day in and day out unless a PVP purge Weekend is happening. Even then, you have the option of opting out via White Flags, Orange Gear and Offline Raid Protection will be on.

PVP: We are 20% PVP by way of organized PVP Purge weekends!


  • That is when you can join in on some good old World PVP and Base PVP or OPT out of it!
  • 1 to 2 weekends a month we will turn PVP on for the entire weekend for PVP Purge weekends!
  • You can be hunted and hunt other players and their dinos if found out and about in the world! (Unless wearing Orange and White Flag Protected.)
  • (we will gauge the interests and decide how often a month to have the purge weekends, but we will start with one on the last weekend of each month)
  • You can OPT OUT of BASE PVP by making your bases NON PVP zones by placing White flags on all sides of your base so they can easily be seen by all.
  • You can also place a billboard to accompany your white flags stating your base is not PVP.
  • You can also get on the White flag list for the weekends to make it known to all that you never plan on being part of the PVP Purge Weekends.
  • This will make your base a NO PVP zone. Anything inside your gated yard and base walls will be OFF LIMITS for PVP attacks.
  • You can build a PVP ONLY BASE and have wars out of that base while keeping your main base for PVE life!
  • You can OPT OUT of World PVP If you wish to venture out in the world and not be attacked You will have to paint all of your clothes Orange to symbolize that you are not participating in the PVP Purge.
  • OFFLINE Raid Protection Will be on during this time so even if you are not online during the weekend your base should remain untouched for an added benefit :)
  • VIOLATORS WILL BE BANNED If players attack your base when it was White Flagged or Kill you while being painted Orange and it is found that they did so on purpose, the offending players will be perma banned from the server and anything @CRRGAMINGGROUP Related.
  • The admins will work out the ordeal depending on the damage that was done to the best of their ability.
  • Admins will not be participating in Offensive PVP but can retaliate if attacked.

  • Admins can make their base PVP ready and play defensively. Admins can design PVP loot bases for players to try to break into for PVP fun on the weekends.


  • Because in Ark we are either forced to PVP all the way or PVE all the way and that isn’t always how we like to play!
  • Foe and Esme like options! Once they heard from fellow CRR Gaming Member Kir Canos of a server he played on that had a nice spin with organized PVP they thought it sounded fun to try!
  • Because we can collect dinos and dinos until the the end of time but the purge lets us put them to work defending us if we desire too! Want to breed a massive fighting machine? GREAT! Now you can actually use it for what you have breed it for! Always wanted to try a dilo moat? Well now is your chance!
  • Because not everyone wants to be all PVP or all PVE ! This is a nice mix of PVE with organized PVP.
  • Admins will not be participating in Offensive PVP but can retaliate if attacked.

This is a Seasonal Server too!

  • This means that every 3 months we will be wiping the server (unless something happens that makes us do it earlier.)
  • We chose 3 months as not everyone plays Ark on one server or gets to play hours and hours a day so they felt the season ended before it began and some felt 4 months is too long so we are going to try 3 months but if we think things are slowing down we will go to two months.
  • Uploads will be turned on at the end of the season for you to upload what you want from the server. We can also turn them on throughout the season for those wishing to move some dinos they have grown fond of to another server.


  • Because there are just TOO MANY AWESOME MODS AND MAPS to get our grubby little hands on and not enough time to try them or add them all if we didn't break up our maps and mods!
  • This helps to keep our game fresh!
  • Next season we will be opening up season theme suggestions for @foerender and myself @esmeralda_sky to pick from and hold a CRR Gaming Group Vote!
  • We intended to do it this way this round but our current season fell victim to a corrupt save via the Bush People Mod and we could not recover it. We decided that since we did not have time to put the season build to a vote this round, we will do it for next round.
  • For this season we decided to celebrate our new Joint Server Venture by making our own theme to get us started! We also wanted to keep mods down to a minimum.

The Theme for this season is TEK!!!!!
Here is the mod list for you to download!

The map is THE ISLAND!
Map Rules :

  • NO PILLARS SPAMMING! You can reserve and area for a build but it must be completed within a week.
  • NO BUILDING ON HERBY ISLAND .This is meant for allllll of the community to use!
  • NO BUILDING ON CARNO ISLAND. This is meant for allllll of the community to use!
  • NO BUILDING ON THE VOLCANO. This is meant for allllll of the community to use!
  • NO BLOCKING WATERWAYS! All Boats must be able to pass through!

Ark Futurism


Eco Tek http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=816908578&searchtext=eco

Stargate Atlantis

Structures Plus

Meat spoiler

Egg n poop collector

HG Stacking Mod 2500-90 V1.6

Extinction Core

Death Recovery http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=751991809

Upgrade Station

Cute Hair