For some reason, over the past week, whenever it occurs to me that I should actually play one of those games I bought, my head has a hard time wrapping itself around the idea. Maybe it’s because I’ve been binge reading e-books on my Nook? It takes a different kind of eyeball focus and brain-state to read than it does to two-thumb a shiny black superhero around a devastated cityscape.

But, in the interest of blogging, I fired it up this morning, the Batman. (What? Blizzard games were offline this morning due to the weekly update? But that’s just a coincidence, I swear.) It’s funny how quickly I forget how to do things. I was swooping around Gotham, running into walls. Finally I got back into the right rhythm. Noticed that for a lot of this game, it’s more of a platform puzzler than it is anything else. Got to find the right path, use the right tools in the right order.

And THEN, mash the A button until all the bad guys are knocked out and lying all over the ground.

Today I headed towards some chemical plant to find Scarecrow. Found him, and of course he laid a whammy on me-- and then something so crazy happened, I had to stop playing. I won’t give it away, but I seriously got me off guard. Well played, Rocksteady Studios!