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Broken Planet

Indie Strategy


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Just started playing this.... wondering how itll go

  • Dec 30, 2013, 8:08:52 PM

Really bro? Without the game tagging? :P

  • Dec 30, 2013, 8:19:36 PM

no, planetary annihilation isnt in the system yet man

  • Dec 30, 2013, 8:20:15 PM

i was going to bring it up on the chat but a game started... im a little miffed the moon i set a bunch of engines on was too big to crash


Packt Publishing (prounounced "Packed") are giving away three electronic copies of their book "Mastering UDK Game Development". All you have to do is read my review (see link below) and comment on something you wish you'd known when you started working with the UDK (or something you want to know now).

Book Review: Mastering UDK Game Development | The Broken Planet Project
This is an independent review the book Mastering UDK Game Development published by Packt (prounounced …

It's been AGES but we have a game development update! Check it out.

Broken Planet: Sharing Time #1 | The Broken Planet Project
Welcome to where we share screenshots, photos, and sketches of what we've worked on during the week. This is …

Today on the Broken Planet Project we finally have a big game update with lots of screenshots and even our first gameplay video :)

RetroFPS: An Introduction | The Broken Planet Project
Broken Planet is a huge project, and every now and then we need to take a breather from it. This wasn't …

Broken Planet Game Update #3 - Short and sweet. Big update on Monday.

Broken Planet: Development Diary #3 (Holiday Edition) | The Broken Planet Project
Here in New Zealand it's our big summer holiday. I took the 22nd of December until the 8th of January off work …

Today on the Broken Planet Project we have Game Update 2 where we talk about an unexpected offer, getting our third person camera working, and our progress with the story and game mechanics.

Broken Planet: Development Diary #2 | The Broken Planet Project
Woodman and I have had a rather unexpected offer. We've been asked by a book publishing company to be …

Woodman just released a set of concept images for our main character. Definitely worth checking out.

Broken Planet: Main Character Concepts | The Broken Planet Project
I just had a thoroughly enjoyable hour of CounterStrike:GlobalOffensive (unexpectedly won a round of …
  • Dec 11, 2012, 9:01:39 PM

@Chocy, yes my entire website is down! I have contacted the hosting company... not very good! It's been down for 12 hours!

  • Dec 11, 2012, 10:17:15 PM

Should be up and running again now! They moved our site to a new server and it broke the database.

  • Dec 11, 2012, 10:37:48 PM

Looks very nice, man!!


Hi everyone, we have a Broken Planet development update today with our progress. We have actually been doing a LOT of work on the story but we can't talk about that without ruining the game... but Woodman is going to be sharing some more concept art real soon.

Broken Planet: Development Diary 5/12/2012 | The Broken Planet Project
Stephen here with another development update. We reached a huge milestone last night which has put us in a …

Game Update: These past few days Woodman and I have been trying to sort out our version control. It's been a bit of a nightmare and we still haven't got it running yet!

Broken Planet: Version Control and Collaboration | The Broken Planet Project
One of the things that will become increasingly important as we produce Broken Planet is having a way to …

Looks really good bro. It looks like totally legit!


Game update: During the weekend my wife and daughter left the house for a few hours and I had some time to dedicate to working with UDK. I took a look at all of the primitive data types in UnrealScript.

Broken Planet: No Sleep & Data Types | The Broken Planet Project
Today my wife has taken my daughter away for half a day out of town, so I have the first good period of time …

Game update: Woodman (@DRTwoadism) puts together a collection of concept art he's developed for the game so far. Definitely the best way to start envisioning the game.

Broken Planet: A Visual Concept History | The Broken Planet Project
As illustrated by the timeline we made of our previous activity, we like throwing ideas around but don't …

Game update: Setting up my development environment using ContTEXT and the UDK.

Broken Planet: UDK Hello World | The Broken Planet Project
As I mentioned earlier I am following the book Unreal Development Kit Game Programming with UnrealScript: …

Broken Planet game update: A discussion about my love/hate relationship with the Unreal Development Kit and what I've done to remedy the problem I had getting confident with it.

Broken Planet: Coming to terms with the UDK | The Broken Planet Project
Hi it's Stephen here writing a game update for Broken Planet . Up until now I've had a mixed relationship with …

To kick things off here is a synopsis of the game. We're purposely obscuring the story so as not to ruin the surprise down the road, but we are sharing the setting and discussing the game mechanics.

Broken Planet: Game Introduction | The Broken Planet Project
Hi there, This post is a look at the history of our flagship game, Broken Planet . We'll be looking at what …