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Crysis 3

Windows, Xbox 360, PS3
TBC 2013
Crysis 3 is a first-person shooter game in which the player slips into different roles. The gameplay is based on the use of a futuristic nanosuits which enhances the player's abilitys, stealth or speed.


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Still waiting on the dogtag fix for xbox, introduced in the last patch and only PC players have got it fixed. Sucks losing all the good tags every time I sign out :(


Hellos anook I'm gonna be playing Crysis 3 on my lil quest to weed through the stuff i got via PS Plus so feel free to come visit my stream and say hello if ya want :3


Huh.. I didn't know Crysis 3 was popular o.o

WhatJustExploded uploaded a picture

Why did he die on a toilet? I have no idea.

  • Aug 31, 2013, 11:34:54 PM

awkward situation there

  • Sep 26, 2013, 8:23:37 AM

lol fuck that


Cheers Prophet it's been one hell of a journey... Shame this series had to end really, although the way it has changed from a PC classic to a console port is disappointing. Hopefully Crytek will take "Crysis 4" back to it's roots! Still using a bow for the entire singleplayer was surprisingly fun :D


Crysis 3 was planned to be released on WiiU but the plan failed despite Crysis 3 actually running on the WiiU, details in the vid.

Assassin's Creed 4 Leaked Images, Starwars 1313 Delayed, Crysis 3 on WiiU? [03/04/2013]
Sources - Assassin's Creed 4 Leaked Images: …

Ok... here is the bubble I've been in... "WTF! Crysis 3 is OUT?!" ...sigh... argh (joy!)... there goes my free time (woohoo!)...


Just finished the game, heard that there is something after the credits. I hate the credits so much!!!! This better not be a troll!!

Losing my Crysis 3 Virginity!

Losing My Crysis 3 Virginity...
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Just finished the game.





My god, it's awesome. And even though my PC can handle it, I didn't do the highest graphics because something went wonky with the textures when I tried it. (Coming from someone with a bit of experience in modeling, it looked like the UVs weren't mapped properly for the highest texture detail level.)


Anyways, the game was incredible, and the ending was, by far, the absolute best ending to any game I've ever played. (And I've played a lot of games.)


If your PC can handle this -- hell, if you THINK your PC can handle this, get it. (And get the first two if you don't already have them -- it explains a lot of the backstory of the game.)


Oh, and while this is the last game in Prophet's arc, it won't be the last in the Crysis world -- the next one just won't be called 'Crysis 4'

Crytek making 'radical' fourth Crysis game, won't be called 'Crysis 4′ | VG247
Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has revealed that Crysis 3 will be the end of the current plot arc that began with the …

Trying to play some Crysis 3 and for some reason it just freezes during gameplay after a couple of minutes. Seems pretty cool from what I can play.


Hey guys I just uploaded a video on my first impressions of the multiplayer beta and so far I think it's pretty fun. Go check out the video and tell me if you like the game so far in the video comment section! I hope you guys enjoy!

Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta First Impressions! (1080p)
So soon the new Crysis game of the series will be hitting the shelves, but before it does I give you my first …
Dave wrote

New part!

Crysis 3: Multiplayer Beta Gameplay Pt 2
I play the Multiplayer Beta for Crysis 3. Enjoy! Where to find me... Twitter: …
Dave wrote

New video up!

Crysis 3: Multiplayer Beta Gameplay Pt 1
I play the Multiplayer Beta for Crysis 3. Enjoy! Where to find me... Twitter: …
Dave wrote

Downloading some demos off the Xbox Live Marketplace. Time to record some videos today!