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Cube World

Indie RPG
Jul 02, 2013
Cube World is an open world RPG, which allows players to explore an endless procedurally generated voxel world filled with randomly generated dungeons, underground caverns and castles.

Still waiting on that new update...

Gotta say all the RPG questing elements they are creating does look really good, I wonder if the patch is going to be as big as the actual game client o.o

Quests are an important part of an RPG. Quests guide the player to various places, tell stories and give a …
  • May 28, 2014, 3:42:19 PM

Yeah a couple times a year they tell us what they're working on but no idea when and if it will ever come out.

  • Nov 14, 2014, 4:24:06 AM

Why is this in my feed if it's six months old? Lol

  • Nov 14, 2014, 10:35:31 AM

Because it has only just been pinned on the Cube World nook xD Lol


With all the hype's that's been growing (and seemingly crumbled at it's release) around No Man's Sky, it got me thinking of an old lost game. It's met a similar fate to NMS regarding its hype, but not exactly.


Disclaimer: I did not purchase my copy of No Man's Sky, because I know that games are never 100% compatible to any computer's performance at their release. So I think I'm going to wait out a couple of months before buying it. But I know I am going to. NMS' game concept is something that I've been longing for. The idea of spending hours walking around with strictly speaking no objectives is why I fell in love with games such as Minecraft or Starbound (and the game I'm going to talk about). Now back to my story.


NMS really got the gaming community hoping for something really innovative, often described as a "Skyrim in space", and turned out to be a disappointment. The hype was a shooting rocket aiming high up the hype chart but crashed phenomenally when people realized it wasn't what they expected (even though they were warned).


The old lost game I've mentioned above is none other than [roll drums]... Cube World! And when I say its hype met a somewhat similar fate than NMS, I meant in the sense that Cube World got us all excited for an innovative concept with a nostalgic vibe to the graphics and gameplay, and it delivered! I remember spending hours running around (I used to play mage) exploring and killing monsters... But I felt there was something missing... After easily ten hours of fiddling around, I let the game go and waited for an update... And I waited... And waited... And that's where the crash of the hype of this game differed from NMS', because NMS' was direct, sudden. But Cube World's was slow... sad... We didn't know what happened and whether we were going to get an update or not... We were spoiled with Tweets with crispy update previews, but no official updates dates (this is very awkward to say: update date...)


Today, on the 17th of august 2016, I tumbled on it by accident on my hard drive and decided to launch it, for fun's sake, only to see that the last update dated from... the 23rd of July 2013??? Wow... The latest update just recently marked its three-years anniversary, although still no update date, I do not mourn this game. I have hope. It was very promising and the tweets that Sir Wolfram Von Funck sends us regularly show us that the game can only get better!


Share your opinions, people! I'd love to hear your stories. Have you bought the game when it was released? Do you think this game is dead?


As for me, I've been Ungaroth564, just another average gamer with a story to share :)


Have a good one people, and take care of yourselves!


We are LIVE!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC) Playthrough w/ IAmSp00n!

made a video to compare this and trove if anyone cares to see my opinion

Cube World VS Trove (Kinglham Rant #1)
Kinglham Ranting on trove and cube world Our twitch: GreenGriffin11: …

I want this update! I understand he is doing it by himself but he is killing his game not not updating regularly.


I would really love to put this on my YouTube channel, but I don't know if it costs anything currently or if I am allowed to put this game on my YouTube channel. Looks very very fun none the less. ^^


I'm still waiting for more reasons to play this game . . .


The scalable GUI is looking pretty cool.

Wollay seems to becoming a bit more active on twitter over the last week - hopefully this means they're finally working on the game!

I'm designing the GUI elements in my own 2D graphics tool Plasma (screenshots 4-6). It is based on a self-made …
  • Nov 26, 2013, 4:42:42 PM

Trove is kinda super ugly though..Really looks like a cheap copy of Lego, while CubeWorld still have some graphics charms and nice colors.

  • Nov 26, 2013, 7:39:14 PM

Agree that Cube World still has its own charms, although some npc/monsters on Trove looks impressive - the character models are really bad and less cutesy compared to CW.

I will give both games a chance, as I already own CW - there is no reason to pop back every now and then to see what is new - even if Trove has been completed first.

  • Nov 26, 2013, 10:49:43 PM

I am hoping Trove's character models are place holders.

Gentlemanlyturtle uploaded a picture

He finally said something on twitter! We can now change the keybindings not too big of a change but at least its something


I only have a mac computer, i cant wait until it has come out for Mac!

  • Aug 2, 2013, 1:57:55 AM

Yeah would be nice, but sadly I doubt it will be any time soon. There is only two of them and they have a lot to fix.


Little tip for Cube World if your crafting the same item say 50 of it click the craft button and tab out of the game it will keep going with out u holding the button down :P

  • Aug 2, 2013, 1:59:45 AM

Or, a way to make it more than just click one button to craft. Maybe a more innovative crafting system where you have to push different buttons at specific times to get a better quality item...etc. At least that's the unique crafting system I loved in EQ2. But people find crafting boring and they just want a one click all option.


Hey everyone I want to ask what you reckon should be added to the game?


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Some Smite Ballz with Fusion......

I can now kick people from my Cube World server...heh heh...

  • Jul 29, 2013, 10:38:48 AM

So many possibilities!


Wow! I have such a totally awesome Cube World badge now xD