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Diablo III

Fantasy-Hack & Slash
Windows, Mac, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3
May 15, 2012
Diablo III is a dark fantasy action role-playing game, in which the player must slay hordes of monsters to stop the evil from corrupting the world. It features five character classes, a hardcore mode with permanent death and a real money auction house.
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I would like to thank everyone for participating in the thread "Currently playing? Event Organisation"


It is apparent quite a few of us are playing Diablo 3 and Anticipating season 11 so I propose an event for either the 21st of July or on the weekend 22-23 of July at 8:30CET

  • Jul 23, 2017, 1:46:37 PM

If you want to play D3 With me then please add me on (See Discord Other Games) and drop in the my D3 anytime im online.

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Had fun playing Diablo 3 tonight.

Watch Phantium's Diablo III video: Grift 74 seasonal, too easy! :P -
Watch Phantium's Diablo III video: Grift 74 seasonal, too easy! :P -
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Alaktra uploaded a picture

Anyone else had the Problem that the D3 profile fails to update?


Blaugust 2016 Day 7 - I started playing Diablo 3!

Knifesedge Blogs
So I'm more than a little late to the party but I finally decided to try out Diablo 3. I played the demo to …
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Join me this evening for some Diablo III action @!

Diablo III Report: Cruisin

I think the last time I mentioned Diablo my seasonal Witch Doctor was paragon 80-something. Now he’s 138. Once I got the Zunimassa set, I was able to crank things up to Torment VII and it’s been a boondoggle ever since (note to self: look up boondoggle, did I use that word correctly.”

Little guy with his Gargantuan, his Dogs, his Fetishes, and extra fetishes that swarm in. Tossing firebombs, surrounding the baddies with a circle of zombies. And haunt, soooo much haunt. Found a belt that haunts all enemies whenever I open a chest. I make every bounty-run look like a bad night at the Borley Rectory (note to self: look up Borley Rectory, see if it’s even a thing people know about anymore).

Lot’s of fun, at any rate. I’m not sure what my goal is, though. I guess Season Journey milestones.. I’m 7/9ths throughs Slayer; just need to finish a T7 Rift in 7 minutes, and level a gem to 25. Neither should be too challenging.

Oh, one last thought: got access to the gold vault today. Earned an easy 70 million gold. No idea what to do with it. My non-seasonal gold is sitting at about a billion… that’s just bananas.

Diablo III: Season of the Six

Season 4 I made a witch doctor but I went for story mode instead of adventure and petered out around level 55. Season 5 I made a Crusader and she cruised me up to Paragon 400+ (which is nothin’ compared to the elites but not too bad for casual/solo). Here in Season 6 I decided to re-do the Witch Doctor. Took me about a week to hit 70. Today, Paragon 85-ish, finally cleared a GR20 to get the rest of the free 6-piece armor set.

I was running a gargantuan, zombie dogs, fetish army , pirhana, and whatever else. That was okay for GR10 or so, but was too slow to finish GR20. So I checked the net and found a build that had the garg, the dogs, the fetishes, and haunt and bombs and hex. That did the trick.

Finished a set dungeon to complete the season journey, then farted around Torment I because I was feeling lazy. This game is conducive to playing at whatever effort-level you feel like.

But at any level, it's a brain eraser. Egad.


so an Inna variant became top vote on Diablofans.. it involves 2p Raiment, Shenlong's and 5p Inna w/ cubed RoRG. Aptly called, "Inna Gen Monk". The only thing I'm worried about with the setup though, is that Unity pair w/ Inv follower and Spirit Guards are practically mandatory.

  • May 12, 2016, 2:28:10 PM

Author does make a note, however: if you can't do Fists of Fury, use the Crippling Wave "Mangle" rune instead, for a steady reliable damager.

  • May 12, 2016, 5:13:01 PM

Great, thanks mate!

Will farm it once I have time. :D

  • May 12, 2016, 6:03:14 PM

I've noticed the build used Endless Walk. I'm not sure if you're depending on Dashing Strike and Epiphany to keep moving from target to target, or you're using the DR component and staying mobile. I could see EW being viable as you're practically required to use a Unity pair, however...

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TFW this drops for you at level 35


Who is ready for the new season to start???


It's all fun and games until the #Diablo3 patch signalling the impending of a New Season gets released.


Here's the big turns from the previous patch. Do note that some leg gems got reworked, especially the hotly-contested previous configuration of Taeguk finally making its purpose clear. That will be discussed below.


Read ALL the patch notes here:…


+ SKILLS: It appears Blizzard is doing more of a job in removing the ability to spawn health globes with skills. Hammer of Ancients - Birthright; Laws Of Hope - Hopeful Cry; and Grasp of the Dead - Death Is Life runes no longer have chance to spawn globes.

- Birthright now heals for 3% max Life on a critical.

- Hopeful Cry now reduces Physical damage taken by 25%.

- Death Is Life now has a 70% chance to spawn a Zombie Dog (increased).


Wizard "Archon" damage, armor and resistances have increased during the active phase:

- Damage increased from 20% to 30%

- Armor and Resistance Bonus increased from 20% to 150%


Wizard passive "Unstable Anomaly" no longer has priority if using Firebird's 2P -- the set death save will proc first.


Demon Hunter's "Boar Companion" passive regen and resistance now apply to all allies.


Skills and legs that boost damage by a percentage are now applied multiplicatively to other sources of bonus damage.



- Solanium's chance to spawn a Health Globe now has an 8-second internal cooldown.

- All unwanted legendary potions CAN NOW BE SALVAGED.

- Gogok of Swiftness gem is reimagined to trigger attack speed increase on hit 100% of the time, with dodge chance stacking with IAS. Dodge chance ramps up by 0.5% per stack; Rank improves the chance-per-stack by 0.01% (0.75% per stack at 25).

- Taeguk gem now only increases stacks if you're using a channeling skill (Whirlwind, Strafe, Rapid Fire, Firebats, etc.). Stack is hard-limited at 10. Damage increases 2% per stack, with an increase of 0.04% per rank (3% per stack at 25). At 25, also increases armor by 2% per stack.

- Teardrop gem had its base damage and damage-per-rank increased, Rank 25 duration between procs reduced from 5 to 3 seconds; and every time a smite occurs, gain 3% max life.

- Pain Enhancer and Wreath of Lightning gems' damage was increased board-wide.

- Toxin gem's rank 25 also causes affected to do 10% less damage as well as take 10% increased damage.

- Enforcer gem's rank 25 pet damage reduction is now 90%, to encourage more pet builds (Zunimassa's is up for Haedrig's Gift -- coinidence?)


- Oculus Ring will trigger by your kills if your follower's wearing it.

- Sanguinary Vambraces benefit from all sources of bonus damage -- the new must-have for Invoker's?

- Frostburn/Magefist's skill damage boost is now a Leg power; Frostburn's chance for cold skills to freeze is now fixed at 50% and is still part of the Leg power package.

- Skull Grasp (Barbarian)'s whirlwind bonus damage got reduced, but damage is now multiplicative.

- Johanna's Argument (Crusader) comes with +100% to Blessed Hammer now

- Lord Greenstone's Fan (Demon Hunter) got a per-stack boost.

- The Flow of Eternity (Monk) comes with +100% to Seven-Sided Strike now

- Nilfur's Boast (Wizard) had its initial Meteor damage and damage hitting 3 or less increased

- Twisted Sword (Wizard) is now locked at 8 Energy Twisters' worth of benefit max

- Swamp Land Waders (Witch Doctor) no longer strictly increases poison damage, but can roll with Physical, Fire and Cold damage along with Poison damage;

- Swamp Land Waders (Witch Doctor) now has a leg power benefitting Sacrifice damage increase to enemies affected by Locust Swarm or Grasp of the Dead



- Demon Hunter's 6p sets are getting general damage increases specific to the set

- Barbarian's Wastes 4p now causes you to take 50% less damage and your applied Rends to do triple its damage while you are using Whirlwind; other sets' 6p damage boosts are ramped up

- Crusader's Invoker set 2p can hold a max of 25 stacks now, damage per stack is up to 35%, but the 6p damage bonus was ramped up

- Crusader's Roland set 4p had a damage bonus ramp-up; 6p duration is up to 8 from 5

- Monk's Inna set got no love this patch

- Monk's Raiment 6p increases spirit generator damage by 300% for 6 seconds after using Dashing Strike.

- Monk's Sunwuko set had damage bonus increases for 4p and 6p

- Shenlong's damage bonus increased from 100% to 150% after reaching max Spirit

- WD's sets get general damage boosts across the board

- WD's changes to Raiment 2p and 6p generally translate to more damage being done

- Zuni's 4p and 6p got some effect increases including 6p damage increases

- HT 6p got damage increased from 900% to 1400%

- Looks like Delsere's isn't going to be doing well (Wizard)



- Merciless Witch no longer randomly becomes invulnerable during your fights with her.

- General QOL changes to make Set Dungeons more comfortable to complete

- New treasure goblin type


+ UI:

- Stack counts are now easier to read, with numbers having shadows under them


- Inventory no longer flashes if you pick up items as a Lv.70 character

- Stash tab icons have been added, more to choose from


To gain the full benefit of the Patch Notes, explore the link above.

  • Apr 28, 2016, 12:09:38 AM

I like a vast majority of the changes honestly

  • Apr 28, 2016, 2:01:53 AM

Might need to play the game again at some point :P

  • Apr 28, 2016, 5:02:08 AM

I'm actually impressed about the majority of the changes; the QOL Set Dungeon improvements were actually quite welcoming.