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Darkest Dungeon

Windows, Mac, PS4, PS Vita
TBC 2015
Darkest Dungeon is a dungeon crawler with a turn-based combat system. The player explores dungeons with a four-hero team. The heroes are recruited from 15 different classes each class with its own unique skills and abilities.


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Darkest Dungeon

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Gonna stream a few hours of Darkest Dungeon... Come watch me die..!

XekeDeath - Twitch
Darkest Dungeon Diving..!

That moment when two new features collide...

Perils of the Dark - Darkest Dungeon Stream Highlight
All it takes is one bad decision... -- Watch live at
AggroChat 54 - Darkest Dungeon Show

This evening we held the third episode of the AggroChat Game Club where we talk about my pick the early access rogue-like Darkest Dungeon. I personally chose this game because so many of my friends had been talking about it, and purposefully delayed playing it in the thoughts of this eventually becoming an AggroChat title. The result is that each of us played the game slightly different, and walked away with a very different perspective and feeling about the game. Some of us loved it, but even among those that loved it... we brought with it a completely different outlook and as such a different reaction. Of course some of us absolutely hated the game, enough to actually Alt-F4 out of the window.

The end result however is what I feel like our most successful game club title to date, because it certainly spurred on some conversation. Next months title is announced towards the end of the broadcast and I am sure it will be an equally interesting discussion.

  • Apr 27, 2015, 8:17:33 PM

Eliyon, Tamrielo, and Ashgar are the dream team yo :)


Five great tips for beginners from the game's designer. Check them out!

How to die the right way in Darkest Dungeon: 5 tips from the game's designer
Darkest Dungeon is challenging and unforgiving by design. Bad things happen to good heroes; the game is about …
New on Anook: Darkest Dungeon

Red Hook Studios' upcoming Kickstarted-funded RPG Darkest Dungeon is now on Anook.

Game page art modded: @Rinzei

Darkest Dungeon | Anook
Follow Darkest Dungeon on Anook to stay on top with the latest updates and strategies and share your own …

"Darkest Dungeon is a challenging, gothic roguelike turn-based RPG about the psychological stresses of adventuring."

And it's available for Early Access today!!

I saw AlaskanSavage play this live on a while ago and was immediately hooked. The developers have done amazing job with this game and it was an instant buy for me. Really recommended for RPG fans that like a little challenge in their games.

Darkest Dungeon on Steam
"A turn-based dungeon crawler with brutal difficulty, a ton of atmosphere and amazing art and sound direction. …

A very challenging new roguelike dungeon-delver that should be on your indie gaming list!

Darkest Dungeon Review: Laughing While I'm Dying
Last year, I helped fund the indie game Darkest Dungeon through Kickstarter. I got my early access copy last …