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Dead Island

Windows, Xbox 360, PS3
Sep 06, 2011
Dead Island is an open world action role-playing game played from a first-person perspective. It is centered on the challenge of surviving a zombie-infested open world island with a major emphasis on melee combat.


There are no moderators for this game yet. If you are interested in moderating Dead Island please get in touch with us!

We men don't get lost in a zombie apocalypse. we explore and try to find new and more badass ways to kick zombie ass.


Tip of the day: With hateful comments, haters want to push their buttons. Instead of responding in an angry way, just be passively aggressively happy

Dead Island [Episode 5] To the Lighthouse
I think I wouldn't have been able to survive if I was alone. but it is not only about us. there are many more …

I am thrown in an island full of zombies. most people would be scared. but watch me team up with a kickass ally and you will see us destroy the un-dead until they are the dead-dead


Tipoff the Day: when doing a co-op try to remember that you have an audience. Don't make the mistake of just talking to each other as people tend to lower their tone that way

Dead Island [Episode 4] Kick that Ass
I tried to tackle and face the undead before with no luck. Now I have a better ally and I am so ready to kick …

I did a awesome co-op with a friend on his channel. We are planning to complete the whole Dead Island game. Watch us grow into professional zombie killers!

What weapon? Dead Island gameplay Part 1
What weapon? Dead Island gameplay Part 1 A collab video with sir_mr_myster I am thehumblehunter on twitter, …
Dead Island - Funny Moments Part 2
What is Dead Island? Dead Island combines first-person action with a heavy focus on melee combat, character …
Dead Island - Funny Moments Part 1
What is Dead Island? Dead Island combines first-person action with a heavy focus on melee combat, character …

Dead Island: Epidemic is closing down.

Dead Island: Epidemic is Closing Down -
It is the way with online games that all must close their servers for good eventually, though some find they …
Butt Naked Gaming & Balls Deep Fun: Giveaway @ 75 followers
Who do you Voodoo - in Dead Island デッドアイランド мертвый остров ★ (iGame2TV)
Who do you Voodoo - in Dead Island ★ (iGame2TV) ♥ Liked the Video?

Im going to do a playthrough of Dead Island Riptide does anyone want to play with me? would enjoy it if your english is good and and your mic aswell. dont have to be top notch just no vacuum sounds or something. so if anyone wants to join me just hit me up!


Dead Island Epidemic, what we know so far.

Dead Island Epidemic
Dead Island Epidemic Few months back Stunlock Studios (Creators of Bloodline Champions) announced that they …
TeamEurope Plays Dead Island - Ep2 "LIES! Why do you lie CM?!"
The group keeps derping around the island while CM gets a phonecall by his father. LIKE / FAV / COMMENT / SUB …

Lytning & Elyk Play Dead Island!

Trying out a co-op game with a rl friend. Loads of fun! Just the first few quests and entertaining moments that occur whenever I'm in a skype call with Elyk.


Subscribe! Many more episodes coming soon, as well as 2.2k Disc Priest WoW Gameplay and other games!

Lytning And Elyk Play Dead Island! Part One! | Fun With Zombies (Live gameplay/dual commentary)
Some early quests and fun times in the Dead Island game. More coming soon! Be sure to subscribe! Stalk Me: …
TeamEurope Plays Dead Island - Ep1 "Gimme them tiny little booty claps!"
Jesia, Vellu and CM find themselves on an Island overrun by Zombies. Who do you voodoo bitch? LIKE / FAV / …

Dead Island Weapon Duplication And Infinite Inventory Glitches Check Them Out here Guys !!

Dead Island Riptide Weapon Duplication & Inventory Glitch Tutorial
In This Video We Show You How To Do 2 Glitches That Will Help You Massively In Your Game. Please Drop A Like …

Post by NVIDIA GeForce on their FB page:


''As PC gamers, modding is in our blood. We do case mods, cooling mods and we definitely mod our games. In that spirit, we've paired with ModDB and Deep Silver to sponsor a scripting competition for Dead Island Riptide!


Whether you're a modder or just interested in changing the way the game is played you'll want to check this out:;';


This is very cool. Good luck to every one who participates.

Competition - Dead Island Riptide Scripting Comp
SHOW us the limits of your imagination! ModDB, Nvidia and Deep Silver partner up for an exclusive competition …