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Dear Esther

Indie Adventure
Feb 14, 2012
Dear Esther is an experimental first-person adventure game, which breaks with traditional video game conventions, as it involves minimal interaction, does not require choices to be made nor tasks to be completed.


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Day 4: Dear Esther Broke My Heart (And I Love It Still)

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*Blaugust Day 4, in which I geek about one of my favorite games. Too bad "Myst" isn't an option to tag this with. :(

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The story in the game chilled me to the bone, so creepy but the games graphics gave me a sense of relaxation. Like as you travel through the island you get into the story but you also love the scenery. this game is so peaceful yet so spooky


Does anyone else think Dear Esther was amazing. Loved playing that game even though it had no action and was all story :)

  • Aug 28, 2012, 9:34:18 PM

Cool, I'll fire it up on the weekend!

  • Aug 29, 2012, 12:37:42 AM

@LOKi Sweet


An epic peace of storytelling !

Dear Esther - Reveal Trailer
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Looking forward to this, should be online on steam in about 7 hours. :D

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Dear Esther - Official Trailer
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