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Depths of Fear :: Knossos

Indie Action/Adventure
Apr 24, 2014
In Depths of Fear :: Knossos your ultimate goal is to slay the mighty Minotaur. Loot procedurally generated labyrinths that are never the same twice to acquire the gold and knowledge necessary to build an arsenal and gain favor with the gods.

Depths of Fear :: Knossos has launched update 1.4.1 which has a lot of Changes, Fixes and Additions. So much so, it may warrant another play-through just to see them all! There were many behind the curtain improvements to be made in response to reported crashes, performance issues, as well as hooks to set the groundwork for the upcoming ports.


Check out the link for all the details!

Steam Community :: Gruppenankündigungen :: Depths of Fear :: Knossos
Thank you everyone for your patience while Phil worked on getting this much sought after update ready. There …

Get out of that hot summer sun and spend some time in the cool shadowy depths below the city of Knossos. Depths of Fear :: Knossos is only $1.97 till August 4th on Steam!!! That's -67% off of this intense Greek themed adventure with horror and rogue-like elements.

Sparen Sie 67% bei Depths of Fear :: Knossos auf Steam
Depths of Fear :: Knossos, a Greek-themed, 1st Person, Roguelike stealthy action-adventure where you play as …

A lot of people have been asking about the unique soundtrack to Depths of Fear :: Knossos so the dev has made it available on Bandcamp!

Depths of Fear :: Knossos Soundtrack, by Dirigo Games
Depths of Fear :: Knossos Soundtrack by Dirigo Games, released 26 March 2014 1. Knossos Intro 2. Cerberus 3. …

Check out Depths of Fear :: Knossus by Digital Tribe Games @theKAIS3R

Depths of Fear :: Knossos - Official Trailer
25% discount on Steam! The fate of Athens is in your hands as you …