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Dishonored 2

Windows, Xbox One, PS4
TBC 2016
Dishonored 2 is an action-adventure video game and the sequel to Dishonored. Set 15 years after the Dunwall Plague, players can play as either Emily Kaldwin or Corvo Attano.


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After humiliating my enemy I am ready to finish things up here and continue with my adventure. My enemy is more powerful than I thought but new info that I found might help me... but at a hefty price.

Dishonored 2 [Ep 16] Running like a Chicken
I was finally able to de-power the witch that was giving me so much trouble. now I am ready to do finish …

It is witch hunting season! I am on the hunt for those who betrayed me a took Cuervo away. Sure I die a couple of times but who has 2 thumbs and, in the end, made it? this guy *(I am pointing at myself)

Dishonored 2 [Ep 15] Storming the Witch's House
I know it wakes me a while sometimes to post videos but I feel that when I finally get to it, I bring you …

There are always great challenges and dangers when completing a mission. But when when the whole kingdom is a stake, there is no time to second-guess. Time to fight!

Dishonored 2 [EP 14] Get it Right
Things are not easy in the life of an assassin. but I didn't chose this life: I was pushed into it by my …

I will come down striking down at night in my mission the reclaim Emily's throne. I will be like the deadliest fart you have ever heard about: silent and by the time you feel me it will already be too late

Dishonored 2 [EP 13] The Infiltrator
Emily is back baby! I am ready to bring justice to everyone that betrayed her. But the list of powerful …

I bright can be a blessing, but when it used for evil and to steal my crown and kidnap my friends, I will fight anyone who stands in my way to stop them.

Dishonored 2 [Ep 12] When Great Minds Fall
This dude has a really cool transforming house I will give him that. I got lost in it so many times. but I …

Evil has been showing its true face since I was betrayed. But my revenge has to wait. Saving my friend will come first.

Dishonored 2 [Ep 11] Operation Rescue
I am ready yet again for another fight. Those clock soldiers are formidable foes and their creator, although …

A new enemy approaches. this one might proof tougher than I expect but I will still fight to make things right

Dishonored 2 [Ep 10] ClockWork
I am not hiding in the shadows. I am the shadows. And I will take down all who stand in the way of …

When the only thing I wanna do is to move on and save people but the guards won't let me, I am forced to make a difficult choice: go the stealthy way or go bat-shit crazy.

Dishonored 2 [Ep 9] - Short but Deadly
I know is a short video but it is a small prelude of greater things to come. I see now that I need to truly …

After saving the good doctor it is time for me to make my escape. They took my crown and forced my hand to paint the city with red. I will keep doing it until I can set things right.


Tip of the Day: getting good at a game takes patience and dedication. but that is not excuse for taking attention away from your health

Dishonored 2 [Episode 7] Get to the Boatta!
I have saved the good doctor and put a stop to the reign of the infamous crown killer. but that won't be …
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I have been forced to killed before. But now the life of an innocent, yet crazy woman is in my hands. She may know things that will help me in my journey so I hope I make the right choice.


Tip of the Day: don't be discourage if you have low view count. consult with other youtubers on Facebook groups, forums and other places for tips.

Dishonored 2 [Episode 5] Saving the Day
This feels super close to a boss fight. I could have just faced this crazy woman head on, but she might have …

I have lost to much and I have come to far. I held my sword before to spare people's lives, but no more


Tip of the Day: Winning is not everything. no one likes a sore winner

Dishonored 2 - Episode 4 - Dr Jekyll
I tried to be mr nice guy. But they pushed my hand. To save everyone and reclaim the crown Emily will have to …

I had forgotten how cool is to have powers. And dishonored 2 let's you feel like a badass with powers in the mission to set things right.


Tip of the Day: we are all human. So don't be afraid to show your sensitive side on your videos.

Dishonored 2 - #4 - Ghost Steps
After so long I am back to take back the crown. haven't been easy though specially since the Coup d'état. But …

Emily lost her crown and her father was captured. she will go as far as to make a dark deal for the power to set things right!


Tip of the day: just because you don't like a game, it doesn't give you the right to be an a-hole to does who do like it

Dishonored 2 - episode 3 - An outside visit
We are finally out of the castle and in our way to a foreign land after losing the crown. Emily's father Corvo …