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Disney Infinity

Windows, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS
Aug 18, 2013
Disney Infinity is an action-adventure game with physical toys, open world creation and story-driven gameplay. Characters, play-sets and other features are brought into the game using figurines and discs with the included Infinity Base.


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Kim Possible is almost over. BUT first a Field Trip to JAPAN!! Enjoy Part 9 of KP What's the Switch

Kim Possible: Part 9 GO GO JAPAN!
Welcome to our Playthrough of Kim Possible What's the Switch for the PS2. She's your basic Average Girl, who …

Behold LOKI the Bad Guy from Avengers & Thor's Brother. Can NYC Survive Kwing's test drive?

Disney Infinity 2.0 - LOKI Gameplay
Disney Infinity 2 Loki Thor's Evil Brother from the Avengers Play set! Will New York City Survive LOKI? Don't …

Jasmine arrives in @DisneyInfinity and She knows Kung Fu

Disney Infinity 2.0 - Jasmine & Aladdin Gameplay
Disney Infinity 2 Jasmine & Aladdin (Prince Ali) from Disney's Aladdin! Come join us for a whole NEW world of …

Disney Infinity - Castle Kwife Part 7! Outer Walls Complete (still can't get the video thing to post for me.. oh well.. here's a thum at least =D

Disney Infinity - Castle Kwife Part 7! Outer Walls Complete =)
Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box - How to build a Castle Part 7 =) What time is it!? It's Castle Building time! I …

The Green Goblin is here in @Disneyinfinity watch out Spider-Friends

Disney Infinity 2.0 - Green Goblin Gameplay
Disney Infinity 2 NEW Green Goblin from the Ultimate Spider-Man Play set! Will Norman Osborn Destroy NYC? …

Hey guys n gals, it's me Kwife and I'm back with a brand new series, Building Castle Kwife! =) In this first episode Hulk helps me lay out some terrain.. soooo exciting. I'm going to be building this castle from start to finish so I'm super pxyched. Have a great day guys

Disney Infinity 2.0 - Castle Kwife Part 1! Hulk Makes Terrain
Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box - How to build a Castle =) What time is it!? It's Castle Building time! I had some …
  • Jan 14, 2015, 2:40:57 PM

@Lonrem tried to post as a video but it isn't letting me for some reason .. sadness

  • Jan 14, 2015, 2:54:49 PM

Hmm, @Kwife would you mind PMing your Skype to me? I went over it with Kwing before but it's quite some time since then and would like to see if you're running into a bug. If no Skype, just PM me the problem you seem to be having and I'll see if I can walk you through it.

  • Jan 14, 2015, 7:12:33 PM

Thanks ... I'll ask Kwing too just in case I'm just missing something really obvious. And then I'll pm or Skype you @Lonrem if he has no idea. Ty :)


A Penitent Man will Pass. Check out this Indiana Jones themed Toy Box in Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes

Disney Infinity 2 TOY BOX ADVENTURES! The Last Crusade!
Welcome to K-Box in Disney Infinity 2.0! Today The Lone Ranger fills in for Indiana Jones in this Toy Box! …

Lord of the Rings and Disney Infinity collide with this Toy Box. It's the Battle of Helm's Deep. Can the Kwings Survive?

Disney Infinity 2 TOY BOX ADVENTURES! Battle of Helm's Deep
Welcome to K-Box in Disney Infinity 2.0! Today Merida Fights in the Battle of Helm's Deep! A Toy Box from …

I attempt to make a video..sort of. Oh and Jack The Pumpkin King Steals Santa's Suit in this NEW Disney Infinity 2.0 Toy Box.

Disney Infinity 2 TOY BOX ADVENTURES! Sandy Claws Surprise
Welcome to K-Box in Disney Infinity 2.0! Today Jack Skellington (Sandy Claws Surprise) shows off the Toy Box …

Amber starts building Her Castle in TOY BOX ADVENTURES

Disney Infinity 2 TOY BOX ADVENTURES! Merida's Castle Construction (HD)
Welcome to K-Box in Disney Infinity 2.0! Today Merida helps Amber Build a Castle in the Toy Box. Or atleast …

Hiro & Baymax are here in @DisneyInfinity ready to save the Day

Disney Infinity 2.0 - Bay Max & Hiro Gameplay
Disney Infinity 2 Baymax & Hiro from Disney Animations NEW fim BIG Hero 6! Can our Heroes save Sanfrantokyo? …

Aladdin is more then just a street rat in @DisneyInfinity

See him in action & other Disney Originals here

Disney Infinity 2.0 Wii U - Aladdin Gameplay
Disney Infinity 2 Aladdin from Disney's Aladdin. This Walkthrough covers the Agrabah Toy Box. Don't miss out …

The Kwings checkout the Disney Originals Toy Box. More tomorrow

Disney Infinity 2.0 - Introduction to the Toy Box! (Wii U)
Disney Infinity 2 Walkthrough with live commentary. Donald Duck Guides us through the Toy Box. ● Don't forget …

Disney Infinity 2 NEW figures are here! Checkout my Unboxing of the Disney Originals

Disney Infinity 2.0 - Disney Originals UNBOXING (Wave 1)
Disney Infinity 2 DISNEY ORIGINALS Unboxing Wave 1! Aladdin, Merida, Stitch, Hiro, Baymax, Tinker Bell, Donald …

Happy Halloween. The Kwings play some Spooky Disney Infinity 2 Tox Boxes. Have a great night.

Disney Infinity 2: Lord Nocchi Manor Toy Box (PS4) Jack Skellington Gameplay
Disney Infinity 2 TOY BOX ADVENTURES! The Kwings & Jack Skellington checkout Lord Nocchi Manor. Happy …