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Dust 514

Online FPS
TBC 2012
Dust 514 is a free-to-play FPS which is set in and be directly connected to Eve Online. Player actions in one game will affect the political and economical status of the other. Combat will take place on various planets, each offering a unique map.


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Dust 514 is shutting down in May.

Dust 514 Is Shutting Down in May -
CCP games has announced that they will be shutting down the servers and support for their Playstation 3 …

CCP Rattati assures us that Dust 514 is still going with a status update on the game's forums that tell us what they're currently working on.

Dust 514 Talks Upcoming Developments -
We haven't heard from Dust 514 in quite a while but Today CCP Rattati released a status update to reassure us …

Loving DUST 514. Amazing.


A new DUST 514 video will be up soon after a long absence!


All the video and audio recording glitches are fixed.


DUST 514 Gameplay in 1080p. We're back with a new mic and capture card!

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  • Jun 26, 2013, 8:53:03 PM

Wow this video is so well made and your commentary voice is so cool bro! You're definitely underrated, so I subbed :D

  • Jun 26, 2013, 9:04:14 PM

Thank you MedicBear! I always try and do my best, it feels really good to know sometimes I pull it off.


Hope to see you around!


My Corporation's first Planetary Conquest is today! But DAMN IT ALL I wont be recording it! My new capture card comes in tomorrow..


Any hints or tips on Planetary Conquest for someone new?


Sands of DEATH, DUST 514 Gameplay

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The DUST 514 Challenge

◢DUST 514 Gameplay - The DUST 514 Challenge! - PS3
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No more DUST 514 videos for a while! Only the few that are unpublished.


Sold my old Hauppauge 1515 from '09, thinking of replacing it with the AVerMedia C985 I heard it's great for live streaming & quality recording! I hope this will improve the quality of my DUST 514 videos, just wish HDCP didn't exist..


In Dust no one can hear you scream. DUST 514 Gameplay.

◢DUST 514 Gameplay - TANKS, the final Boss! - PS3
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  • Jun 5, 2013, 3:49:45 PM

This is the one thing that has me concerned about DUST. You get touched by a vehicle that is going 5 miles an hour and you die. Don't get me wrong, I understand getting hit by a moving vehicle hurts, but for god sake, we have drop suits on that can take a few dozen bullets but a vehicle 1 shots you? Silly

  • Jun 5, 2013, 4:52:55 PM

That irks me as well, because of that. To every driver on the map, I've gotta target on the back of my head.


And front, and sides... When it comes to vehicles, I think they should approach the dropsuits as being half Iron Man..


I keep getting my ass handed to me by that Flaylock pistol, seems a little overpowered..


One shall stand, six shall fall. DUST 514.

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Can't seem to react fast enough with my mouse & controller sometimes.. And I think my sensitivity is maxed.

◢DUST 514 Gameplay - Uprising Quelled - PS3
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  • Jun 4, 2013, 5:17:36 AM

This is a known issue with the game and I am sure CCP will address it. However, it is leaps and bounds worse on the controller.

  • Jun 4, 2013, 1:45:13 PM

I've heard there are issues with the mouse, it seems people are saying 90 is better than 100.


In any case, you're right! It's still leagues ahead of the cavemen with controllers :)


My best game yet in DUST 514!

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You know what's great about Dust? Depth. I am not a shooter fan, but I am a huge fan of EVE and Dust captures the legacy of EVE and gives it legs. Who needs walking in stations? Lets hope there is more integration to come. (fight in a station to kick those pesky war targets out into space where the EVE pilots can have their way with them?)