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EVE Online

Windows, Mac
May 06, 2003
EVE Online is a player-driven, persistent-world MMORPG set in a science fiction space setting. Players pilot customizable ships through a galaxy of over 7,500 star systems. The skill system is based upon training in real time, even while not logged in.
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CCP and the Elephant in the Room
I'm feeling a bit wrung out on the video game front this week, and it is only Thursday. We had Daybreak slip …
CCP has a Plan for EVE Online Free to Play
Welcome Back Poors! -Tweety Bird, EVE Online F2P forum thread I was going to push this off to see how it plays …
Ten Years of Internet Spaceships
Ten years ago today I signed up for EVE Online, made a character... Wilhelm Arcturus... yes, EVE Who says …
The Battle at SH1-6P and Null Sec Ongoing
I wasn't sure I was going to do a post about the fight at SH1-6P, seeing as I wasn't there for it and I try to …
Committed to Delve Now
When move ops were announced late last week and over the weekend I was a little confused. Were people still …
Astrahus Busting in Aridia
Citadels are all over New Eden at this point, with the medium sized model, the Astrahus becoming a common site …
Friday Bullet Points - Numbers, Pokemon, and Phishing
Another Friday morning when I have a half a dozen almost done posts in my drafts folder, but no real drive to …
Last Ship out of Saranen
Getting subcaps out of Saranen has proven to be considerably easier than getting my carrier down to Delve. …
Executive Outcomes Leaves The Imperium
It was announced in a broadcast earlier today that the alliance Executive Outcomes is leaving the Imperium. …
The YC118.7 Update Lands in New Eden
It is patch day again in New Eden. I was a little confused about the designation YC118.7 when it was first …
Can Better PvE Save New Eden?
The search for the reason behind the declining PCU in EVE Online continues. So far it has been blamed on the …
All Across The Imperium
The Ministry of Truth and RMT Records are back at it with a song/parody to commemorate our migration from the …
Breaking into Delve
Not everybody in the Imperium spent last week wandering casually down to our staging station in Sakht. Fleets …

CITADELS!!! Finally dropped, World War Bee, and cap changes. No better time then right now to join the 'verse!