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2D Adventure
Linux, Browser
Sep 27, 2011
Glitch is a browser-based MMO game which centers on living in a world existing in the shared imagination of a group of giants. The gameplay involves learning how to interact with various objects and animals, mostly in order to obtain some reward from them


There are no moderators for this game yet. If you are interested in moderating Glitch please get in touch with us!

We recently interview the man leading the project to bring back Glitch.

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Did anyone here ever play Glitch? It's coming back!

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This game is now populate cause it's the most recent post

Chocy wrote
The Big Unlaunching | Glitch Blog
Two months ago we launched Glitch to the world. Now we're unlaunching it. Eh?? The response so far has been …
  • Jan 14, 2013, 6:16:18 AM

just found out about this game from anook and so disappointed that they are closing the site down!

Chocy wrote
Glitch: Game of Giant Imagination
Uploaded by GlitchVideos3000 on 2011-09-27.
Chocy wrote

Glitch (the free to play browser game made by the Flickr team) launches tonight!