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Grim Dawn

TBC 2013
Grim Dawn is a hack and slash action role-playing game with different factions whoose gameplay features fast paced combat, the collection of loot such like armor, potions, weapons, and money as well as a crafting system.


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I picked up Grim Dawn on Early Access during a Steam Sale... played it... liked it and then decided not to play it again until it was officially released. That seems to be my current stance on non-mmo early access titles. Last night while hunting for something to play I opted to peek my …


Figured I'd base a post on the work Crate have been doing... and almost ready to put out into the general masses!


I have a line to record for the sound department for their Blacksmith as I recorded a bunch of stuff for them a while back. Blacksmith, Bank dude and the vendor guy... anyway! They're polishing, dusting, debugging, e.t.c.


It's nearly here. If you enjoy ARPG's... Gauntlet, Diablo, Torchlight, Path of Exile, e.t.c. then do check this out. Crate are the same bunch who brought us Titan's Quest that I adored back when it was originally released! My flatmate couldn't get me outta my toga for months!


Fairly decent review from a YouToober called Kinetic. Shows a little of the game, his views on it... plenty out there. You need only search. Yarrr!

Grim Dawn 2015 - Worth the Wait?! Impressions and Gameplay
It's been something like 5 years now since Grim Dawn, a new ARPG by the makers of Titan Quest, was announced …

Farming Warden waiting for more contents

Grim Dawn Alpha - Warden killed by lvl 20 soldier
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This game reminds me so much of Diablo II, I can't wait until it comes out!


This looks really crazy!

Reew wrote
Grim Dawn Alpha Release! - Grim Dawn Forums
Grim Dawn Alpha Release! News and General Info
Reew wrote
Grim Dawn Forums - Announcements in Forum : Game Info and Features
03-24-2012 until 12-30-2013 Estimated dates of the alpha, beta and full release ... Due to the successful Grim …

So little people liking the Grim Dawn Anook page :/ We need to spread it more !


"It looks like alpha is taking a little longer than we predicted in the last state of the game address but it is still within the late 2012 / early 2013 time-frame that we've been saying for a long time - just, obviously on the 2013 side."

State of the Game Address II - Grim Dawn Forums
State of the Game Address II Development Updates