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Guild Wars 2

Aug 28, 2012
Guild Wars 2 is MMORPG which takes place in the fantasy world of Tyria. The player can create a character from a combination of five races and eight professions. The game also features PvP battles, a crafting system and a PvE sidekick system.
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  • Apr 7, 2015, 7:02:47 PM

I'd rather say your obsessed with cute girls :P

Why I stopped having fun in GW 2... (PvP perspective)

I am working on a review video for it and right now I decided to also add another show to my youtube channel - PvP game reviews. Playing multiple games for over 12 years PvP exclusive content being in top 1%-3% of multiple games (from MOBA, Strategy games and MMOS) I think I can provide a decent reviews, entertainment and suggestions and balance fixes.

DISCLAIMER: I am not here to offend anybody here, and I understand that there are tons of fanboys that will higher an assassin to take me out... Well lets not go that far, but ALL I ASK from fanboys here is that to give my post a benefit of the doubt and try to understand that this is MY and most of my subscriber's opinions and most of us quit playing the game therefore we are giving reasons why we did.

Just getting started!
Please do not wave a fanboy exclusive patented "This Game just came out" flag right in front of my face because it won't simply work.

With new added battle grounds, warzones, warfronts whatever they called I cannot simply believe that developers did not have time to design a 4 walled structure for people to PvP. To be frank Arena "Room Design" is a lot simplier than battle ground design, the problem lies in not developers having not time to design Arena Room its because the meta system of the game is different.

99.999999% of the PvPers who were "hardcore" in GW1 and some new people who came into GW2 were expecting Arenas when it came for structured PvP, and instead we got shoved with battle grounds and node capping right into our throats and it tastes monotone!

The problem with Arenas not being introcuded right now are due some of the core class structural errors on top of the system "no holy trinity" system that back fired. Arenas are all about crowd control or focus fire, they are also about healing and healing prevention.

Not having a healer right now in GW2 will make Arena matches too fast and it will be basically best defensives cookie cutter builds vs best defensives cookie cutter builds. THAT IS THE MAIN PROBLEM. Imagine 3-5 people focus firing Necromancer (profession with decent tankiness but absolutely worst possible escapes) Necros will get plastered. Imagine 3-5 people focus firing Mesmer with 3-4 different vanish / stealths?!

Yeah - that is a problem of not having a healer in arena. Classes with most escapes and burst will prevail in the arena environment where classes even with amazing sustain damage, and condition control will be left behind.


I would strongly suggest Arena Net (GW2 Devs) to introduce the Arena mechanics and if they still feel strongly against healers then add NPC that heals people or introduce passive 6,000 healing per second (arbitrary number) in 5v5 match done to the entire team and the way that 6,000 will heal will be based on the lowest HP class getting most healing. (Example you have 4 people at 80% HP and 1 person at 20% then 4 people will receive 750 healing per second to top them off and 1 person at 20% will receive 3,000 healing per second (FYI 3,000 is decent but vs 5 people you will still die and do not forget about posion))

This way I feel like we can have fun in arenas, they will take decent amount of time, classes will be decently balanced due to their over all utility they bring rather than who has the best escapes / defensives / burst.

The problem here is yet again not developers being lazy to introduce duels, no. The problem here lies in class balancing and the lack off (will talk later in this blog.) Imagine mesmer with 3-4 stealths and phantasms dealing up to 5k damage with illusionary unload? Or thief with Cloak and Dagger + Back Stab the one who can crit up to 40% of your health bar and vanish up to 6 times in 1 match?!

Yeah good luck balancing here... The problem with introducing dueling in GW2 will also be admitting that the balance in the game is an absolute joke outside of objective playing for battle grounds / warzones.

The sad thing is that people are still dueling - they join the specific game / server with no people in it and start dueling. Unfortunately they do however have to deal with random people joining and playing warzones like they are supposed to (killing everything and capping nodes). Which makes it a pretty irritating experience for random people joining somebody's dueling game and people in a dueling game having interruptions.


You can't stop or force people to change their mind about dueling. If they want to they will find a way how. What you created is a poor joke of a dueling experience with tons of frustrations! If developers want to go that route of not introducing dueling in the game - fine, but they are missing out on a big aspect of PvP that MMOs have to offer. Rework class balance reintroduce it - yup thats all I got when it comes to suggestions about dueling.


For people that a new to MMOs, or PC gaming then battle grounds in GW 2 will look fun. For seasoned PvP veterans this is a joke... and a bad one...

When I quit this game the things that made people rage is just 1 simple mechanic - node capping (capping the objective points) with a slight variations with one having water combat (YUCK!). 2 more battle grounds came out - and what do we have - MORE node capping and a slight stench of water combat.

ENOUGH! It is boring. Essentially all we have is 3 node capping over and over and over and over and over again. The worst part of it is that you get to chance to play your favorite one once in a rotation of 5 and if you want to get into another one you have to leave your own warzone / battle ground and join a new one.

PLEASE for the love of twitch, youtube, google and anything else that is holy in PvP come up with some other designs for battle grounds. 5 maps of the absolutely the same game mechanic is over done. (FYI the most fune is prolly frost of niftell or w.e its called beause at least there is much easier to find and engage in team fights.)


This is going to be a GHOOD ONE.

First of all lets talk about something that does not make any sense:

You can not see damage, healing and other raw numbers that is actually HUGE when it comes to player growth. How do I know that I am doing something right?! Engaging the right fights or have decent positioning if I cannot see my progression with damage?! How do I know my rotation is right if I du not see damage?!

Why there are no damage score board?! Because Dev's afraid that people will look at score boards and finally realize that there is a HUGE imbalance in a game?!

Reward system promotes a lot of objectives and this is where the developer wants us to focus sure. But its BORING! Can we have some awesome rewards for killing people as well?!

I seriously feel like a 3 year old child and have developers shoving me porridge filled with their perception of the class balance that also stinks badly (not everyone likes porridge filled with capturing nodes balance.) I feel like this game is getting balanced around NODES captures and to me this is by far the worst possible way of balancing the game. People give crap to Blizzard for balancing around 3v3 in arena. Imagine balancing around objectives?! LUDICROUS!

Not to class balnce itself:

I completely disagree with the class balance in the game. I get the feeling that Devs balance the game around maps and node capping and if you look at it like that it is in fact looks decent. But the meta class balance, the balance of specs, traits, skills the 1v1 and team fight balance it is pretty horrible.

**Lets get started:*

Random Ques are getting ruined by 2 professions
Random battle grounds (place where you can start learning PvP is filled with Thiefs and Mesmers. Why? Because they are kings of 1 v 1 combat with multiple escapes amazing burst or pet damage. I would rather face pre nerfed retaliation guardian than face a mesmer with 4 different vanishes.

Somehow developers forgot 1 tinsy tinesey thing - having multiple stealth mechanics is not fun for the other party facing the thief or mesmer. As a thief I literally can do 3 cloak and dagger / back stabs with 18k damage total before the enemy will have a chance to react or counter me. (lets not forget other utilities escapes as well)

Random Ques get filled by 80% thiefs sometime and it is AGGRAVATING (notice caps here, yes they are here for a reason) to watch 3 thiefs simultaneously heart seeker your ass. The PvP meta system of the game is an absolute joke.

The fact that thiefs can be very effective with absolutely not much of a time investment or thought completely ruins random battle grounds experience.

Now the biggest rebuttle i heard from people - well in the tournaments its way more balanced. The problem I have is - new players who do not want to get into trounaments and would like to practice their profession will have to deal with countless thiefs and mesmers and by the time they think they are ready for tournaments they would want to throw this game out of the window.

And this leads me into another thing - Professions balance:


It sticks, its crap, its aggrivating....

Individual skills - I have yet to find more of an imbalanced MMO when it comes to individual skills. "Mesmer's null void - clears booms from enemies, conditions from allies lasts 7 seconds) 45 seconds CD. Can somebody in a right mind tell me why this skill is not a 3 minutes cooldown and is not on elite spot?!
Why do phantasms that unload 4-5k damage are on 16 seconds CD?
Lets take heart seeker - its a damage, gap closer and execute 3 mechanics rolled into 1 with extremely low initiative cost and no cooldown.
Literally some classes have abilities that makes you wonder how is this still in a game after 5 months of the release?!

Not in any MMO ever I seen so many discrepancies when it comes to strength of skills. Some classes literally have 2-4 different mechanics pooled into 1 skill. Arena Net this is a bad joke...


Lets start with thiefs - easy to play, tons of damage, tons of escapes. Class is squishy? yes it is absolutely! Class has a lot of survivabilities - YES. How is this possible - lots of escape mechanics that makes the game not fun for other party.

Thiefs do too much damage, easy to play with 1-2 button spamming - your justification they are "squishy" fine increase their armor/ hp and nerf their damage + escapes.

Mesmers - anybody else seeing that this is absolutely wrong for a mage class to have one of the best heals in a game on top of illusions?! Anybody else things that the class with multiple abilities to spam illusions should not have 3-5 options for stealth?! Just me?!

The problem here is 1 very simple my friends - NO healers. any damage counts and for mesmer's illusions on 16/24 sec CD this is a freaking heaven. First time I played mesmer I was able to kill 2 people in a 1v3 set up by just running around. I seriously scored in top 3 places for points by just sititng in a middle and let my pets do all the work for me. Pets do too much damage in this game. Add some utilities to them and nerf their damage to where it is decent but not overpowered. NO WAY IN HELL should be a 1v1 fight where top damage done to you was from pet's abilities.


it is seriously "down" state. Boring, annoying, and absolutely unbalanced part of the game to an absolute monstrous levels of nerd raging. Example: Mesmer dies - his pets remain, he can port, he can put dieing illusions while his pets are doing damage (15-25% of your HP every 5 seconds!). Necromancer has umm 1 second fear... poison... life drain for 200?! Please tell me that you do not thing that the down state mechanics is an absolute joke.

REWORK your classes/ skills. Make it not possible to stack stealth skills, make it not possible to stack a lot of passive damage via pets (mesmers, rangers to some extend MM necros) Give pets more utilities!
Rework individual skills. Skills like Null Void do not belong in this game as it is a hardcounter to any condition class in a game fighting vs mesmer's team. Make classes more balance around the combat not around who can get caps better.

PvP in Guild Wars 2 is disappointing due to unbalanced skills, class stacking, stealth stacking 1 boring ass mechanic and thats it!

It is by far the worst experience I had behind lineage 2. I would seriously play 100$ if they rework guild wars 1 put a bit more effort into it and improve graphics than play guild wars 2.
This is one of those sad things where the expansion / build up that not only did not deliver what it promised but also disappointed hardcore fans.**

My personal review rating is 4/10 with 4 scored mostly around amazing PvP area and PvP gear designs, and the way PvP is made with no grinding

  • Mar 6, 2013, 4:38:04 PM

Interesting post indeed, I agree and disagree on some points, but I don't have time to mention all of them right now. I can tell you this though; as a necromancer I'm trying my best to support my team depending on the build I'm running (condition damage, power etc. or by roaming -especially on the new map). I agree on the fact that there's an unbalance when it comes to things like "the downstate" for instance. Many times have I had decent fights against warriors, fights in which we both manage to get each other down. If no one else interfere, the battle is (in at least 3/4 times, if not even more) over when we both get down, "check mate". The whole battle ends with he/she popping "vengeance" and I end up tasting steel -in fact- 100 blades to the face. It's unbalanced with the mechanic, but then again it's also bad of me trying to 1v1 a warrior when I could call for help. Finally I'd like to add that I'm still playing and enjoying the game and I still have my hopes up for a better PvP experience (even if it's a bit bleak).

  • Mar 6, 2013, 8:15:05 PM

A lot fo the point you've mentioned are related to how the game was built. I'm sad to say this, but GW2 apparently is not a game that will suit your tastes.


Each game has a set of mechanics implemented to satisfy various playing needs, and those of GW2 focus primarily on team combat, and an innovative approach to class roles.


To my knowledge GW2's classes are the the first ever to have been build to avoid the holy trinity in a major MMO, and it should not be surprising to see that some elements fail and some others remove players from their comfort zones.


At the end of the day a game is just a game. A work of art, an entertainment option, or/and a tool to satisfy competitive urges. If playing said game does not satisfy you, move on.

  • Mar 7, 2013, 2:39:17 AM

1v1 class balance in Guild Wars 2 is an absolute impossibility, which I imagine is why dueling itself is not implemented. There are just so many different ways to customize your character and playstyle that people complaining about "My Mesmer can't beat a Warrior!" really mean "my very specific build and gear set up cannot counter that warrior's very specific build and gear set up". Due to just how many options each player has at their disposal, expecting a balanced 1v1 experience is unrealistic.


Secondly, putting a damage meter on the scoreboard offers nothing to the PvP experience in Guild Wars 2, because damage is not the number one focus of combat. Due to the fact that no one is a dedicated damage dealer, no one is a dedicated tank, etc etc, the number of "amount of damage put out during this game" is arbitrary and means little to the overall match. Besides, players would use it as a way to judge other players on how well they're doing, when the Engineer they're calling out is built specifically to help control a target so others more damage-focused can kill them easier.



Community Interview with Guild Wars 2's Lead Designer: Isaiah Cartwright

Recently I had the chance to sit down with Isaiah Cartwright the Lead Designer of Guild Wars 2 and ask him some of the questions the Anook community recently submitted.

1. PvP/WvW Questions

@ragxz asks: Can you go into more detail regarding how team / individual ranking will work in this new patch and what the type of rating system will be (Glicko, ELO, etc.)?

Isaiah Cartwright: We are still testing and tuning our ratings system, but I can tell you that we use a Glicko-based formula that we’ve modified for our needs. For matchmaking purposes, a team’s rating is an average of the individuals.

@LOKi asks: Do you think the new PvP map Spirit Watch will be a map that is used heavily in competitive play? Why did you choose that map/secondary objective style over others?

Isaiah Cartwright: I think it has potential. Having a very single area focus can drive a lot of strong large-scale combat, which can be a fun different pace from the other maps. We also saw a lot of players asking for a capture-the-flag mechanic, so we wanted to try that system in conjunction with capture points. We’ve developed capture-the-flag maps internally in the past, and they didn’t fit our game very well, but we feel that Spirit Watch is a nice blend of both CTF and conquest.

@zenox asks: Can you hint towards a few things that an avid WvW oriented player can look forward to from this month's and the following month's patch?

Isaiah Cartwright: We have a large team working on changes for WvW but they are not coming out in the February build. Some of the changes include a new progression system to make it more rewarding to play in WvW and more things to buy with badges. We’re investigating and evaluating the badge drop rates, improvements to culling, and a number of smaller quality of life improvements in WvW.

@Lowell asks: In regards to the PvP/Esport spectrum can we expect anything in addition to Team Ranked?

Isaiah Cartwright: This update will mainly focus around the new Spirit Watch map as well as continuing to improve this system. In future updates we’ll have more systems for PvP/E-sport including custom arenas and other E-sport focused features.

2. PvE/Item Questions

@LadyKaguya asks: Will there eventually be any more features that are more focused for the impressive/RP player types? Player housing, more emotes, town clothing, being able to sit in forth?

Isaiah Cartwright: We’re always looking at new and fun ways for players to show off, so we’ll continue to add new weapon and armor skins, town clothes, titles and other systems to allow players to show off their accomplishments and achievements. This is very important to us and it’s something we will never stop adding to and improving.

@yuii asks: Can you elaborate on the different types of guild missions that went live in this patch? What inspired you implement this type of content in the game?

Isaiah Cartwright: We really wanted to create content for guilds to work together to experience and to overcome. We think this type of content needs to be challenging, so you have to work together in order to defeat it.

I’ll talk some about Guild Bounties, as it will be the first content people can unlock. There are 3 tiers to guild bounties, which allow guilds of different size and skill to do them. When you start a Guild Bounty, you to find x boss encounters hidden around the world and defeat them within the time limit. Each encounter has been set up to be a challenge that you have to overcome, and they’re balanced in such a way that your guild will want to split up in order to defeat them all in time. The higher tiers will require more bosses to be defeated in the same amount of time.

The other guild challenges are also meant to be challenging and require a lot of guild communication and organization. It’s our main goal for this content: you must work together as a guild in order to succeed.

@shinnon asks: Any plans to utilize the living story as a tool for adding new maps for us to explore while giving us more of that map/story periodically to fulfill our desire for adventure and progression?

Isaiah Cartwright: We have a lot of plans for the living story. Our goals are not to add lots of new maps for people to explore, but to add more content in each map that people want to do. Our systems really allow us to continue to add to each map and to build on the living, constantly evolving aspects of the game

@emmet.pilsworth asks: Are there plans to bring more back pieces into the game? If so, what kinds? (Things like capes, wings, sacks, bags, books, weapon sheaths, Bullet Bags, etc)

Isaiah Cartwright: Yes, we plan on adding many more back items to the game.

3. Gameplay

@Hyxorcisten asks: Will we be able to cast spells while jumping in the future? (So we can use more spells while kiting.)

Isaiah Cartwright: Jumping isn’t a huge focus in Guild Wars 2 combat because we don’t want people to run around continually jumping in order to get an advantage, so for this reason we probably won’t be adding things you can do while jumping.

@Hyxorcisten asks: Any chance enemy castbars/macro/personal focustarget are coming in the future?

Isaiah Cartwright: We do like a lot of those features but we’re still evaluating how they fit into Guild Wars 2. We are always looking for ways to improve the clarity of combat and these may be tools we could use to improve that.

4. Other

@Chocy asks: Can you give us an ETA for the web profiles/armory?

Isaiah Cartwright: We don’t have any ETA for this at the moment. We have a team working on it, but that’s all I can say right now.

Huge thanks to Isaiah for answering the community's questions! Thanks also to Allie at ArenaNet for help setting this up and the Anook community for the questions!

  • Mar 2, 2013, 10:36:07 PM

Yeah typo sorry... I'd have to guess, but he probably couldn't force the dev to answer all those questions?

  • Mar 3, 2013, 9:29:34 AM

Even still, if the questions couldn't be properly answered, a simple Anet-run a round could of been provided lol. That's why I do not think they were asked in the first place.

  • Feb 5, 2014, 1:58:27 AM

Love GW2 just wish they had made a decent PVE system the ever man for himself style can only carry the team so far.

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  • Dec 20, 2014, 1:24:09 PM

So pretty <3 Happy holidays to you too! :)

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With the release of new Hair Styles I couldn't resist giving my Necromancer a makeover. Since she is with the Vigil I thought it would be best to go with a BattleMage-esque look. I love the result, she gives the "Don't mess with me" vibe which I wanted for a necro :)

  • Apr 15, 2015, 9:36:19 PM

Looks nice!


Nice armor preview tool!

Argos Soft - GW2ArmorGallery
Guild Wars 2 Armor Gallery
  • Feb 25, 2013, 1:58:45 PM

Nice thing. Thanks for posting :)

  • Feb 25, 2013, 2:31:08 PM

np i was excited too when i found it :) very good tool need more of this!

Wtf is Interview w/ David Hirtz
I haven't been paid to do this guys, I genuinely do share David's vision, I love the idea of If …
  • Jan 27, 2013, 3:42:07 PM

Thanks for doing this, I'm really liking this website :)

  • Feb 3, 2013, 12:37:22 AM

Nice work man! cya in gw2!

  • Feb 25, 2013, 2:01:48 PM

Really good video. Keep it up :)

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  • Feb 1, 2016, 7:05:10 PM

The moment when our hearts is one!!! *Salute*

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  • Dec 25, 2015, 4:09:01 PM

Happy winter solstice celebration

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I know I'm a slowpoke but yeey, finally got the Dungeon Master title :D I have a feeling it will take a while before I return to Arah...

Thanks for being a great team, @santrasa, @Mida, @Acharial and @Nehr <3

  • Sep 5, 2015, 11:17:47 AM

Grats a lot. You are still way ahead of me: I've not done Arah dungeon enough times for those achivements ;)

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Was taking a midnight stroll when I noticed the moon behind the mountains, had to take a picture :)!

  • Jun 13, 2015, 2:37:16 PM

totally seconding Nyahna! Be sure to post more, please, Autumne!

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Today I 3D printed a Quaggan, for reasons that I assume are obvious.

  • Mar 24, 2015, 8:00:12 PM

O_O that is pure awesome =3

Rediscovering GW2

I'm back in GW2 (again)!

GW2 and I seem to have some kind of on and off relationship. It's not because I don't like the game, I really love it! There's a lot of exploration you can do and the leveling is so much fun (plus plenty of other awesome things). But still, I end up playing it like one week every 3rd month or something.

Anyway, it's great to be semi-back. I'm looking forward to play with @Alakina (and hopefully @Nehr <3) soon!

  • Oct 2, 2014, 11:05:14 AM

OOOOOhhhh I can't wait for the Mad king to come up with his bad and awesome jokes again!

  • Oct 2, 2014, 11:08:29 AM

I think for me, it's more repetitive content, @Floralux. But in short bursts it's not so repetitive.

OH!! Same. :D

  • Oct 3, 2014, 12:23:54 PM

Were you aware that grawl have engineers? It's true. I hear one of them invented a new gadget called a "stick." :D

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Had to get a picture of my Thief using Death Blossom :P

  • Sep 27, 2014, 8:42:14 PM

this girl is on fire!!! (and she's hot as well ;))

  • Sep 28, 2014, 12:49:05 AM

Nice shot!

  • Sep 28, 2014, 11:36:12 AM

lovely shot...