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Halo 4

Xbox 360
Nov 06, 2012
Halo 4 is a futuristc first-person shooter which features a story-driven single-player campaign, cooperative play as well as multiplayer modes.


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Halo 4 - Let's Plays, Reviews, YouTube Channel Stats :: Let's Play Index
Halo 4 let's plays, reviews, YouTube channel statistics and more.

Check out this 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Halo 4 Edition truck -


Current bid is at: $44,544.00

Ford : F-150 Super Crew 4 Door
Ford : F-150 Super Crew 4 Door in eBay для автолюбителей, Автомобили и грузовики, Ford | eBay

Cody brings you the IceGauntlet Trailer! We hope you enjoy

IceGauntlet Channel Trailer
Check us on other websites. Facebook - Twitter - …

Lets talk 4 on halo 4, We hope you enjoy

Halo 4 - Let's Talk: Stuff I don't like seeing
Halo 4 - Let's Talk: Stuff I don't like seeing Due to some microphone problems, the audio got jacked, please …

Challenge 4 on Halo 4, We hope you enjoy

Halo 4 - Challenge!: #4 Getting head
Halo 4 - Challenge!: #4 Getting head Today, Cody tackles Halo 4 for a special challenge. Will he win this? …
Dave wrote


Halo 5: Guardians to arrive in 2015
We already knew that a new Halo game was underway for the Xbox One, now we have an official name and release …
Knorti wrote

Halo 5 revealed!

(i hope it's okay that i post this to the Halo 4 page)


Halo 5: Guardians will launch fall 2015 on the One. Start the Hype! :)

The Halo Journey
Any time you transition to a new platform, there is the opportunity to look at things with a new perspective. …
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For anyone that missed the stream tonight, here's a pic from during the stream showing off the new layout!


After a week of inactivity, we're back here at BGN with a brand new episode of the Bearded Banter podcast! Check out the vid link below along with audio downloads. We'll be having a mini Let's Play go up tomorrow and then we'll be taking the week off to discuss what we'll be playing next.


iTunes link:…

PodOmatic link:

Bearded Banter Ep. 25 - Ninjabread Man sucked.
Download links iTunes: PodOmatic: …

Streaming Halo:Spartan Assault come watch :D


i been playing halo 4 and 3 lately


halo 4 livestream

Untitled Broadcast

come to join me

Untitled Broadcast
Halo 4: Epic Mongoose Takeover (Custom Game)
Someone in the lobby said not to get in the mongoose, so I told him that it's actually pretty good when you …