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Online Combat
Dec 12, 2012
HAЩʞEN is an independent free-to-play multiplayer mech combat game, in which the player controls a mech in fast-paced and strategic battles. It will be possible to choose weapons and upgrades for all mech types to match a play-style or role in a match.


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Going to Start this morning off with some Coffee and Hawken! I been really enjoying the Mech Shooter more than before maybe it's time for the game to really shine. I hope Reloaded can change some of the game up to make it feel more like it did in Beta but only time shall tell. going live in few minutes

Jaedia posted to MMOGames

Hawken ends months of silence with an announcement that they have been purchased by Reloaded Games

Hawken Rescued From Run of Silence -
has been quiet for quite a while now but good news came yesterday as it was announced that the free-to-play …

Also sharing up incase people wanna travel back in time and watch old podcast episodes for Hawken and see some interviews with Staff members, discuss patch notes and changes here ya go !


Also early early on we have old broadcast 12/29/12 Tourny is the label it was player driven Tournament 5 hrs run time but it was amazing to shoutcast these teams and an awesome night check it out.

The Cockpit | CHIMPO ON THE BEACH| Rei POV | dead gaem?

Old school but the way Hawken should have stayed ... so sad so much changed


Hope new players enjoy this was my first video horribly done but it gives me something to look back at .. Enjoy !

Hawken Gameplay
My first shot at making any kind of video.. so it's simple ! I hope the footage at least gives ppl something …
  • Jan 16, 2015, 11:09:03 PM

I lost my passion for it when the people who were working on it flat out ignored the community which supported it. took them 7 months to realize they messed up and the attempts to fix the damage fell on deaf ears. The game will always have a special place in my heart and the players will still be there but it just isn't the same nor close to what it started out as, Sadly. I'm glad it's still kicking and looking beautiful but in terms of gaining / holding a solid player base that ship has sailed.

  • Jan 16, 2015, 11:16:10 PM

I can understand your point of view. Its been a roller coaster ride for sure. Its a free to play tittle so at least new and old players can continue to enjoy the game in its current state without having to pay any money.

  • Jan 16, 2015, 11:23:34 PM

exactly , and thats the best part along with it hitting steam was very proud of the game for that. I feel tho the game was being made more so for the "Art" than content.


Just spent the day rendering new videos and uploading them to my Youtube channel. If you've recently followed me, please take a moment to check out my gameplay vids of #Hawken at THX!

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Hello, Everyone! I just joined ANOOK recently. I make Youtube Video of #Hawken and soon other games. If you play Hawken or want to try the game out then I"m interested in teaming up with you. Add me on Steam as FawkenAwesome or Follow me on Twitter @FawkenAwesome. Thank you.


Anyone one wanna Party up in Hawken im a technician always have always will be.


Just got done playing some Hawken! Really enjoyed that game :P

Kaizerex uploaded a picture

The most frustrating team comp I've ever played against. Seriously, Rocketeers need a nerf.


HAWKEN Div, 2nd Btln had a blast playing with the devs last week, check out the blog post (and some ingame recordings) by their CO Pastorius here:…

Hawken - playing with devs #1
Skip to 2:35 for the actual match ;-)
  • Sep 30, 2014, 11:43:14 PM

Nice Job Guys

Wrought wrote

Holy shit this game is fun

  • Apr 17, 2014, 1:02:39 AM

We play soonn

  • Apr 17, 2014, 1:03:46 AM


FallenSieg uploaded a picture

I couldn't not buy the Red Puffer either! Sorry for the poor screencap, the rest of the match was too intense to press F12 xD

FallenSieg uploaded a picture

Realised that I hadn't spent all my free credits in Hawken. Kitted out my mech to look as unique as possible!


Looking at buying a gaming joystick to improve my Hawken experience! Any recommendations?


Back in the Pilot's Seat, HAWKEN Gameplay.

◢HAWKEN Gameplay - Back in the Pilot's Seat - PC
HAWKEN Multiplayer Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1! Back in the Pilot's Seat. ◢Facebook - …