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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Windows, Mac
TBC 2013
Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a digital collectible card game set in the Warcraft universe. The game is based around 1v1 card game matches and will operate online through Blizzard's


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Live now @ having a chill session tonight.

Charede - Twitch
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I'm live over on twitch at . See you in chat, would love to have you there for all the shenanigans and derping!

Charede - Twitch
First Experience Of Temtem The Pokemon Inspired MMO. Join Me On The Journey. Lets Have Fun, Learn & Explore …

Live now @ learning a game I haven't played before

Charede - Twitch
First Experience Of Temtem The Pokemon Inspired MMO. Join Me On The Journey. Lets Have Fun, Learn & Explore …
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Grab some great mulligan tips from the host of the Walk To Work Hearthstone podcast, Blisterguy! I went from rank 13 to 10 during this session. 10/10 can confirm it's legit advice :)

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Managed to steal a buffer paladin's massive Eldritch Horror. Pally thought he'd be okay since he had C'Thun to launch at me. Yet, in Old God style, the Paladin was betrayed when C'Thun left me and my minions with 1 health. Ha! #Hearthstone

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Brawl for Y'all

This week's Hearthstone brawl is a co-op. You get to be either Shaman or priest, and you take turns with the other person trying to whittle down Nefarian from 200 life. Sounds daunting, don't it? He starts off with 0 attack power, then ramps that up to 5, and then 10. He does some AoE stuff in there as well, but your decks are stacked with enough buff and survive and draw to keep him going.

My partner and I managed to win my first try; my wife and her companion got him down to 2 before running out of cards. That's my only "complaint" about the brawl: it takes a long time, as long as both players going to fatigue takes (in my game, my partner ran out of cards the turn before we won). So this isn't one of those get-in, get-win, get-pack, get-out brawls.

Which is why I haven't bothered playing it on my F2P account yet, as I haven't felt like setting aside 25 minutes to do so. Maybe tomorrow.

A Night at the Opera

Jumped into ye olde H-stone for the second wing of Karazhan. Not a lot to say about it. It was not as absolutely straightforward as the first wing, but it went easy enough. Against Juliana (HP: 4, summon Romulo. Julianna takes no damage when Romulo is on the board) I took in Dragon Warrior. Done. For Big Bad Wolf (HP: passive, enemy minions are 1/1 and cost 1) I made a dragon priest deck… done. For The Crone (HP: 0, deal 100 damage, can't be used if Dorothee is alive) Dragon Warrior was instafail, so I took in an experimental priest deck that used a lot of battlecry: summon minions. Easy. Then I did the class challenges.

So that was 15 minutes of my life. It was fun enough, and I always like getting new cards. Not much else to say- if you play Hearthstone, you already know all this, and if you don't, why have even read this far?

Might As Well Mention Karazhan

Since July was "play hearthstone every day to get that golden mage" month, I've barely played at all this month. I get on for the brawl and the free card pack, of course, but after that, my heart's not in it. I wasn't even that excited about the new expansion.

Which is not a knock on the expansion itself. Nor do I fear I've lost my Hearthstone mojo. It'll come back, never fear. And meanwhile, the expansion has released the first wing. Whee.

If I recall, the first expansion we got, Naxxramas, was kinda hard. So was Blackrock Mountain. League of Explorers, on the hand, was pretty easy, and Karazhan is looking to be the same way. I was able to beat each boss my first try, whether it was a game that provided pre-made decks, or games where I went in with Dragon Warrior.

Easy, but fun. The prologue was a crazy game that depleted both our decks, the Silverware Golem was cute, the "Chess" showed off some really innovative mechanics, and Mirror afforded a board state that easily snowballed into wild zaniness.

But the rewards, the new cards themselves? Meh, I'm not smart enough to tell you if they're any good or not. Go watch the streamers, they got all the opinions.

Goal Reached: 500 Wins with Mage

Holy cow what a grind. Today I just decided to go for it and pushed out 25 wins to finish off the run. All Mage. Variations on tempo in Standard, and some mech stuff in Wild. Overall negative win rate, but I don't care. I'm done. It's over. “And I never have to play mage again (tm).

There for a while Wild was my bread n butter, as I quickly shot up to 10 or so, and hovered. Peaked at 8, then dropped back down to the low 11s. I thought Wild was where it's at- at least the games are quick. At least I can fit in Secret Eater against Secret Paladin.

But lots o' losses in Wild sent me back to Standard, and I finished at Rank 6. That's as high as I've ever made it-- and it begs the question. Should I switch to Warrior for the last few days of the season?

I don't know. Playing against warrior takes forever. I can only imagine what it must be like when it's a mirror match up. Then again, there are many different warriors to choose from (I should know, I got schooled by them all: Dragon, Control, OTK, even Pirate).

But what if I can make it to Rank 5? If I could do that, it would set a new bar for me: Rank 10 was my “legendary" rank, but if I make it to 5, that will have to become my new goal. And sheesh, I'm tired. However, I kind of get it now. People say that hitting legend (or whatever rank you're going for) is, more or less, a matter of grinding. Yes, there's skill, but even with skill, it's a slog.

We'll see. For now, I'm looking forward to non Hearthstone things. Just in time to cool off before the new adventure, One Night in Karazhan, arrives in two weeks. Sweet!

Forgot to Mention This: Made Rank 10 (and then 9)!

Last week I was getting in a few games before my weekend of non-gaming. Managed to get to Rank 10 in Hearthstone. For people who are good at the game, that’s nothin’ For me, it’s my “legend” rank. And I did it in Wild!

There aren’t as many people playing wild, and there seems to be fewer metagame decks being played. I see the occasional Secret Paladin, but that’s about it so far. I’ll go up against someone a few rank higher than me, or lower- and that never happens in standard. And I rarely see warrior-- half my games in standard are against warriors.

So, while my Standard play struggles, my Wild play is hanging in there. I also got my 400th Mage win today-- just 100 to go, and I never have to play Mage again (ha). I’m still going to try and get that golden mage before the end of July. May be a little tighter now for having missed 3 and a half days, but I think it’s doable. Maybe I can get in a 20-win game on a day here or there.

Lost my Gaming Mojo (But I’ll Get it Back)

Argh. No blog update in almost a week. What gives? I’ll tell you what gives: Hearthstone, me a headache. Grinding out these mage wins has been a chore. I mean seriously. Me slumped in my office chair, each loss another kink in my back, each win bearing barely a sigh. I tell you what. This life. It’s not for the weak.

Ah, who am I kidding. Brought it on myself, didn’t I, and no foolin. All things in moderation, as they say. But I can get obsessed me, so maybe I need an intervention. … NAH! I’m a soldier! I will press on. That breach, Hank, you and me!

So yeah, I’ve been able to stay on schedule with the Hearthstone. 10 wins a day, and have been splitting those between Standard and Wild. And my Wild rank is actually higher some days than my Standard! I just assumed Wild would be nothing but OP decks, but Mech Mage has been holding its own. And since it sort of plays itself, it’s not even that taxing, mentally. Sometimes I even do crossword puzzles while I’m grinding.

300 Mage Wins (200 To Go)

Note: I wrote this last week, but forgot to post it.

Been hitting it hard with Mage this month, going for them 500 wins, going for that Gold. Because that’s do-able, as opposed to hitting Legend. Heck, hitting Rank 10 is a chore. I can’t get up the gumption even for that.

But I can manage ten wins a day. Usually. (Thank the Yogg for Wild). Had a 10-10 day in Standard, and another day I went 5-14. However, I’ve also had a 5-3, a 10-7, and today a 9-6. When I get frustrated with Tempo in Standard, I switch to Mech Mage in Wild. 4-0, 5-1, 1-0… you get the picture.

Speaking of Tempo- was playing the Tempo Storm Meta Report version, and getting frustrated. Tried swapping in and out Antonidas, Pyroblast… nothing was really consistent. So I switched to Kolento’s version, which has a Polymorph, Ethereal Conjurors, and faceless Summoners. Those games have been a little bit better.

Here are few crazy moments so far:

Losing to Rogue and only Yogg in my hand, so I played him. After the dust settled, I wasn’t much better off, although Solemn Vigil drew me a few cards, and he was at 11 life. He gets a Sylvanas on board, pinged by Snipe. So I tossed down an Azure Drake and Mirror Image, ping for one. He plopped down an Abomination. I top decked a Roaring Torch. Torch with Azure is 7, Azure into Abomination is two more, and ping for lethal.

Losing to Warrior. My hand was empty and he was armored up all over the place. He played Malkarok, and got Cursed Balde. I top decked Ragnaros, who went face, and I pinged him for another two. He played something that didn’t kill me, and I top decked Frostbolt, and ping finished him off. Lesson learned: if you’re winning, don’t play Malkarok

Losing to Mage. He’s already played Rhonin, who died, but with Effigy in play to give him back a Chromaggus. He plays all them missiles, killing my Azure Drake and Brann Bronzebeard. I’ve got one card left: Yogg. Yogg does what he does: wipes the board, draws me a bunch of cards (Azure Drake, Archmage Antonidas, two Frostbolts, an Arcane Missile, and an Arcane Blast) hits the other guy in the face, hits me in the face. I’m at two life. My opponent is at 16. He has 6 cards in hand. He plays Arcane Intellect, Ethereal Conjuror, and pings me in the face for one. I draw Flamewaker. Frostbolt (3+2=5), Arcane Blast (2+2=9) Arcane Missiles (3+2=14) Frost (3+2=19).