It is OFFICIAL and that is in capital letters for a reason, Max-Gamer Podcast will be interviewing New York Times best selling Author R. A. Salvatore about his latest book Charon’s Claw and soon to be released Stone of Tymora I am breaking the news first right here on and wanted all of our followers to continue to get tell their friends to join our nook not only to possibly get a free copy of Counter Strike: Global Offensive but also so we can show Mr. Salvatore a good welcome. The Interview is only going to be 30 minutes and will be re-broadcasted on our channel on September 27th. Because the interview will only be 30 minutes long for our fans to ask a question please do so by posting up in our Anook forum, a thread will be created momentary, for a chance to get your question asked directly to R.A. Salvatore!