Limbo is free on Steam RIGHT NOW (as I type this, who knows when I’ll post it. I have a 9-month old baby, for crying out loud). So I downloaded it, of course. Might as well start calling this Bukkhead’s Cheap-Ass Gaming Blog, for all the free games I’m playin’.

First thing I noticed was that it’s pretty small, for a download. Then again, it’s all black and shades of gray, doesn’t require any kind of wicked engine or graphics library. So I guess what we’ve got here is an Atmospheric Puzzle Platforming Side-Scroller (APPSS).

(I just made that genre up. If you’re reading this and you’re a big-time video game journal website producer, I do free lance work and can do interviews after 8 PM (when the baby goes to bed)).

I like atmospheric games, but they’re a one-off, aren’t they. Games like Refunct and Stanley’s Parable. The Witness was sort of like that, although it’s not a one-off (there’s a big hole in my blogging timeline thanks to that game). But you know what I mean: games that are not about the twitch, but all about that emotion.

Actually, so far in Limbo, there’s been a few twitch moments. I keep dying. That’s what you do in this game, instead of going through a tutorial: death is your tutorial.


At one point, I walked under a stamp thing that stamped me. So I learned to jump on the mini button. But then the next stamp thing, I got stamped when I jumped on the mini button. I was supposed to avoid it. Doesn’t seem fair.

But there was a pay off, because then I got chased by some dudes, and they didn’t get do-overs when THEY got stamped.


Otherwise, I’m digging the atmosphere, figuring out the puzzles, taking a break from driving cars and summoning demons and shooting cartoon robots with my twin shotguns. Don’t think it’ll much of a break though. I’ll play as long as I can, but these #@$%^& shotguns aren’t going to shoot themselves.

(note to self: video game idea. Instead of carrying shotguns, player IS the shotguns. Call it “I, Birdshot, or something).