Edit: Oh, this actually shows up on the ME2 page. Hmm, the part about the game is further down.

I should write something, i think. But nothing really happens so i don't know what to write about.
Hmmm, something i found interesting: Very often i tend to think in english. Like, when i talk to myself/think about stuff. I just talk english in my head. (Oh, i am from Germany, btw.) I just recently realized that. I think i may actually be reading and writing more english than german. The internet is english (except for some sites). Anook and Rediit are english for example. And thats where i read and write the most time. YouTube is german but i only subscribed to one channel that makes videos on german. That means i mostly watch english videos. Same with Anime. I mostly watch Anime with english subtitles or english dub.
And of course: games. League of Legends is set to english and most people talk english. I also set most other games to english voice and text (mostly because the german synchronisation sucks in most cases (looking at you Metro 2033 (gosh that synchro made my ears bleed)) or some of the funny jokes just don't work so good in german or some things just sound stupid).
Yeah, english is a big deal.

Wearing glasses sucks. They get in the way of everything. You look stupid with them (at leats i do). And they are generally just annoying.

Played a shit ton of Mass Effect 2 recently. God, this game. I finished it like 2-3 times already but since i picked it up during the Steam Summer sale i just have to play it again. Never played a female Shepard so i figured, why not. Played through ME1 with her and now i am in ME2. Afraid to continue the story since i know i will have to do the suicide mission shortly. I just hope i get through that without someone important dying. Someone like Garrus, Tali, Jack or Thane. Or Grunt, he is cool too. And Mordin of course. Damn, Miranda aswell. Jacob and Samara (Morinth), yea, them too. Don't even have Legion yet, but i don't wanna lose him aswell. Zaaed is expandable. Although he does have a cool accent. Hmm, damn.
I love this game, the whole series. But ME2 is my favourite of them. It's just so great. And i will play it again after this playthrough. As a nice guy this time. I usually go full renegade (trust me, sometimes it is really hard). Being a badass is amazing (and something i would never achieve in real life). Oh yeah, mining (scanning planets/searching for minerals) is annoying. But i don't mind actually. There is worse i guess.

Yeah, i don't know what else i should talk about. I guess if you would want me to talk about something specific, then you could tell me. Maybe i'll write about it. You could also tell me a game i should check out. Preferably something free or something i own (check my Steam page for that). I will then play it for a bit, then write about what i experienced. Or i won't cause fuck you.

Sorry, that was mean, i didn't mean it. I love you.

Nah, that sounds weird. I like you. But not in a "I want to be together with you" way, more like in a "I appreciate that you read this" way.

That doesn't sound any better. Gah (thats a noise)

Good, bye, for real now. Take care.