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Metro: Last Light

Windows, Xbox 360
May 14, 2013
Metro: Last Light is a story driven first person shooter in which the player explores the post-apocalyptic world of the Moscow Metro. The combat gameplay is based on fighting humans and mutants with exotic hand made weapons and stealth to survive.


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The epic final conclusion is finally here! All my sacrifice has led me to this final battle. stand with me everyone for tonight we done in hell! Tomorrow I go to McDonalds!


Tip of the day: if you are making the first video of a series, try to do a quick synopsis of the game and what the strategy will be so the viewers know what to expect

Metro Last Light [The Ultimate Final Sacrifice]
It all comes down to this! I have reached the peace conference and there will more battle and shooting than …

The sky is crying and the Ghost of the past are haunting. All for the tragedy that is about to happen unless I get there in time and put a bullet in the enemy's butt.


Tip of the day: "sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something" - Jake the dog

Metro Last Light [22] Revenge
This game went to hell when the main character pressed the button and killed many with the bombs. Now I have …

I am going to survive. I am going to set things right. even if it means killing all the Reds. I am so close to the end of the game I can feel it in my nuts.


Tip of the Day: If you are annoyed that the sound of your controller gets recorded too, just put a towel or blanket on top of your hands and controller.

Metro Last Light - 21 - Betrayed once again
Been trying to escape from the Reds and the freaking Nazis forever. I have had it! I will put an end to …

Going through monster-infected-radioactive wastelands with my new buddy, the Dark One. we are going to have so much fun together


Tip of the day: have pee breaks every now and then while recording. you wouldn't want to have an accident while fighting a boss

Metro Last Light - 20 - where do they come from?
I keep advancing on my journey with the dark one. He has a childlike wonder but I believe neither of us will …

To find the Dark One I go as far as to go into a magical sewer river and have a magical acid-like trip. isn't the metro fun?


Tip of the day: for those of you just starting school: try to create a small schedule. even if it is for the basics, it will help you be physically and mentally organized

Metro Last Light - 19 - Train Hopper
After reaching the river I go through a really trippy vision in an attempt to find the dark one. Once I …

I risk my life every time I go out to fight monsters and a-holes. it is nice to have some fun time. if you know what i mean ;-)


Tip of the day: Have a Merry Christmas.

Metro Last Light - 18 - Da Epic Rescue
I have been playing this game for so long that I feel like I am starting to feel connected with the main …

The attacked us, killed most of my allies and took one hostage. they should have finished me off because now I am coming for them with a vengance!


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Metro Last Light - 17 - Catacombs
Finally i can relax, take a breather and maybe "relief" myself a little bit. Except the bad guys come and …
Metro Last Light - Sale and Redux - Is Steam F*^kn' with my money★ (iGame2TV)
Metro Last Light - Sale and Redux - Is Steam F*^kn' with my money★ (iGame2TV) ♥ Liked the Video?

Time to kill some giant spiders.


A Metro Last Light Random Tribute Creative Montage! ツ

✽ He Lives the Music 'Metro Fan Tribute' | Metro: Last Light | 2 Fast 2 Game | DaGaMa
A channel devoted to fast epic gaming random entertainment. ︻╦╤─ This montage is a personal creation & has a …

This game play was recorded, edited, and rendered several months ago, but never actually uploaded. I shall resume recording episodes for my Metro: Last Light series soon. Enjoy!

On The Rails - Metro Last Light - Episode 9
This gameplay was recorded, edited, and rendered several months ago, but never actually uploaded. I shall …

I am not good with people that are parents, We seem to not be able to stand each other

I play you watch_Metro Last Light-EP#11-The darkness is Art actigt
Last Video : Play List : Press it and join the fun : …

There were feels when I got the bad ending...


Episode 8 of my Metro: Last Light series. We've got to escape the clutches of the Red Army.

Metro Last Light - Episode 8: Enemy Territory
We've escaped from our imprisonment with the Red Army, but we're not quite out of their territory yet. Enjoy! …

‪Metro Last Light‬ for only a PENNY! (Seriously) Tonight only I think!

This awesome game for $0.01? Hell yes!

Deep Silver - Metro: Last Light (Digital Download)
DEEP SILVER Metro: Last Light (Digital Download): Digital download of Metro: Last Light; included with the …