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Indie Adventure
Nov 28, 2012
Miasmata is a survival horror independent video game in which players assume the role of Robert Hughes, a plague-stricken scientist, as he explores a seemingly uninhabited island, seeking out medicinal plants and fungi in an attempt to find a cure.


There are no moderators for this game yet. If you are interested in moderating Miasmata please get in touch with us!

My Miasmata bonus video is up! Check out how I dealth with The Creature on the Island...

Miasmata Bonus - The Creature Encounters!
Note that I did not know how the Creature worked or would react to certain events until after I finnished this …

A new episode of Miasmata is up! This is probably the best one so far so don't miss it!

Let's Play Miasmata - Part 11 - Agent X and "The Creature"
I cut out a part where I was talking about me finding some ruins to the south of Outpost Tau when I was lost. …


My newest episode of Let's Play Miasmata is now up on my channel:

Next episode of Bioshock Infinite should be up in about 15 minutes aswell.

Take a look!

Let's Play Miasmata - Part 9 - Agent Z
I really enjoyed Feel free to comment some constructive criticism about the video. If you liked it, great, …

After waiting for YouTube to adjust my brightness settings on my new video for about 2 hours, it was finally done without any noticable difference... Thanks for making me wait for nothing YouTube...

Atleast the video should be up now :)

Let's Play Miasmata - Part 8 - Lost at night!
Feel free to comment some constructive criticism about the video. If you liked it, great, there is a button …