I finally got my warp drive fixed and fueled, and jumped systems. Hopped on down to a new and found a recipe to make my own warp coils, or whatever they're called, so now I can warp around the universe to my heart's content.

I jumped again, new system, new planet, and found a new boat. Frisky sentinels swarmed me but I held them off as I mined what I needed to to fix my ride, then I got off the surface and into a space station… where I spent a million units on yet another boat.

Now i'm just following the Atlas prompts until I can score an Atlas pass, 'cause I hate locked doors. And I've got plans to max out my mining tool and weaponize it to the teeth so if I happen across any more sentinels or hostile scrub-jumpers, I'll be ready. We'll see where it goes after that.

Miss my lil' OG ship, though. See you on the dark side, kid.