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Ragnarok Online

Aug 31, 2002
Ragnarok is an online role-playing game based on Norse mythology. Users can create characters and venture off alone or in groups in far-flung fantasy worlds full of adventure.

I don't know if you guys knew yet, but once again the admin Cookie managed to ruin another ragnarok community, this time ggRO, who fell prey to his hands, anyone here considering starting another server remember to never, EVER, hire cookie ! You've been warned !


Hi fellow Ragnarok Fans :) If you are searching for RO-Merchandise, check out - Angelings, Devilings, Porings, Artbooks and more!

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The RO Spot Shop, merchandise around Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online II and more

Hello everyone, there's a new server out there, ggro, it's hosted by a professional league of legends player who owns a team called "CLG".


The server has no p2p features, it's pre-renewal and 1.5 months old.


There are active woes, friendly people and active guilds, mvp competition is fierce.


Anyways, there are usually people streaming during WoE times (the most known stream is called walk of empirium), so if you're looking for a server, this might just be it !

ggRO is a pre-renewal, low rate Ragnarok Online private server. The server rates are 7x/7x/4x. We're a vanilla …
RO-Spot uploaded a picture

Angeling will be joining the plushie-team soon!

check out or the onlineshop for more infos :)


yeah, finally a Ragnarok Online Topic! For all the fans and nostalgic ex-players out there, come and get some awesome Ragnarok Merchandise <3

Poring, Deviling, Angeling-Plushies, Posters, Artbooks,... Take a look!

(*on a random sidenote* here is a part of my collection: <3 )

RO Spot Shop
The RO Spot Shop, merchandise around Ragnarok Online, Ragnarok Online II and more