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Red Dead Redemption

Xbox 360, PS3
May 28, 2010
ESRB M | PEGI 18 | USK 18
Red Dead Redemption is an open world action-adventure Western game in which the player interacts with the environment and engages in combat with enemies, using various firearms. The game also features a multiplayer mode with an online option.


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Fingers crossed

Red Dead Redemption possibly headed to the PC
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Assault on Fort Mercer , Red Dead Redemption! Check it out!

Red Dead Redemption - Part 25 - Assault On Fort Mercer
FINALLY! Last time I'll have to deal with West Dickens and his cheating ways. Pew Pew! Matt's …

Still rolling on my RDR play through! Check it out!

Red Dead Redemption - Part 23 - Horse Lover
That poor, poor horse. Also ew. Matt's channel: Thanks for …

Part 7 of My Red Dead Redemption play through. Describing the frustration of using a controller; I'm strictly a PC gamer, and wanted to play RDR. Check it out!

Red Dead Redemption - Part 7 - The Lasso Fiasco
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Red Dead Redemption part 3!

Red Dead Redemption - Part 3 - Don't Look At My Horse
Part 3 of my RDR play through! I finally get to shoot someone...It went...well? lol. I don't remember things …

My first play through! And it's Red Dead Redemption. Great game! Check it out! (played on PS3)

Red Dead Redemption - Part 1 - Arriving In Armadillo
Hey guys! Watch me struggle playing Red Dead Redemption for the first time! I don't usually console but when I …

Stream Clip!

Wagon Shenanigans (Stream Clip)
Red Dead Redemption is full of some hilarious glitches. What can be more funny than wagons trying to have …

Hey everyone! The last few days I've been teasing a special video for today. Well, that special vid has finally uploaded to BGN! And what is it, you may ask? The return... of Virtual Rampage, with a slick new logo and intro sequence. :) It's been a while, so for those who forgot what Virtual Rampage is, its a BGN series where the guys sit down and play a game where they can cause as much chaos as possible. This time, we're taking a look at Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption and bringing back the chaos old west style! Click the link below to see the new episode! Also, there are links to previous episodes so you can catch up on all the digital carnage we've caused. We'll see you tomorrow for episode 24 of Bearded Banter!


Ep. 1 - GTA: San Andreas:

Ep 2. - Destroy All Humans!:

Virtual Rampage Ep. 3 - Red Dead Redemption
Welcome back to Virtual Rampage everyone! Its been a while. In this episode, the boys sit down and play …
Red Dead Veterans | Anook
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Almost every time I play free roam RDR I get accused of 'Modding' in one form or another. I've played this game since day one and I'm not the easiest person to kill. I NEVER play in a posse because I get my kicks from hunting large posse's on my own, and have done since the first day I put the game into my Xbox. As a result I have a inbox full of abuse and accusations of cheating. RDR has a reputation for this that I don't really think it deserves. Obviously you get people In various glitches all the time, but that's different and very easy to spot. I can honestly say that I've only ever come across one gamer I suspected of modding to gain a subtle advantage. . . 'Nitrogirl' on Xbox Live. . .I pretty much consider myself up there with the best because there are few who have bettered me (I know I sound like a dick but bare with me while I make my point). RDR is not riddled with modders. You may find the odd one but its quite rare . It's riddled with 5th prestige LvL 50 ten man posse's, that have no lengthy experience of fighting on there own. They think just because they have that badge above their head, they automaticly have a much higher skill set than somebody of a lesser prestige, and therefore cannot be beaten by that person. I've never prestiged on RDR for this very reason. The havoc you cause when you roll in with your basic LvL 50 star above your head and clear an entire posse out to the hills on the outskirts of armadillo is hilarious, their ego's take a hit and they resort to accusations of cheating. It only takes one person to say the word over Xbox Live and the rest of that posse will jump on the 'cheater' band wagon to keep their feeling of invincibility intact. That's just Psychology. So if your that guy that's always in a large group shouting ''MODDER!'' ''CHEATER!'' at the guy hid behind a rock with 10 rolling blocks aimed at him by your team mates, Just have a think. . .That guys been going 'him against the world' for fun the last three years. . .you've rode around on your fucking zebra with 10 men behind you stealing kills where you can. . .You just don't have the skillllzzz ;)


Red Dead should have been released on PC too


Fighting bulls with friends!

Bull Fight! (Stream Clip)
Did we win or lose? View my streams HERE:
  • May 18, 2013, 4:39:46 AM

lol moooooo!


@IAmSp00n 's ISP is being crappy, no more Red Dead Redeption tonight. =(