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Resident Evil 2

Windows, PlayStation, Game Cube, Dreamcast, N64


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The zombies are coming! Low on bullets and boxed in. This is where the true badasses rise up and fight. I might die a couple of times but nothing is gonna keep me down! Not even a horde of the undead!

Resident Evil 2 [Rookie BadAss]
My new Patreon page: I thought I would be safe from all the zombie out …

It was supposed to be a normal first day for rookie cop Leon S. Kennedy. Who would have thought that the freaking zombie apocalypse came to town! it is kick-ass time!

Resident Evil 2 [Welcome to Racoon CIty]
My new Patreon page: Playing the demo was like dipping my feet in strong …

A classic zombie blast from the past Remake! Leon S. Kennedy has always been a awesome. Now join me in this teaser demo of how he became a zombie kicking overall Bad-Ass!

Mr Mistery plays Resident Evil 2 (Demo)
My new Patreon page: It has been ages since I joined Leon S. Kennedy to …

Some pretty cool news on RE2!

Resident Evil 2 is to be Remade Not Remastered
Capcom stated that Resident Evil 2 is going to be a "from the ground up remake," not a remaster. This is some …
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Week 8/21- 8/29, We hope you enjoy

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