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Indie Action/Adventure
Windows, Mac
Dec 11, 2013
Rust is a multiplayer survival game inspired by games such as Minecraft and DayZ. The player must gather resources to survive and craft items. Besides starvation, the wildlife and radiation the player must fear attacks from other players at any time.


There are no moderators for this game yet. If you are interested in moderating Rust please get in touch with us!
Texas wrote

Dang I miss rust! now it's just collecting dust because my dell went to hell i cant even check my email it probably won't even sale. I miss building bases and I'll those awesome faces coffee can man advertising his brand all across the land I'm his biggest fan. I can't even get a gun because everytime I'm on the run I get domed by a stone I feel like I'm all alone. So I run around killing sleepers like im the grim reaper before they even open their peepers. few hours later........they found my loot room and I found my tomb. Fml

SamuelT wrote
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Alucardo wrote

tfw you spend 5 hours building your first house, then a helicopter blows it to pieces. I <3 Rust

Oran1 wrote

Normal day in Rust... (Livestream highlights)

Rust (Livestream highlights)
Normal day in Rust... Don't forget to leave a like/comment as they really help and are always appreciated - …
JarlHamm uploaded a picture

feelin' a little rust-y

MMOGames posted to MMOGames

We took a (mostly naked) look at the Early Access survival game, Rust.

Rust Alpha Preview -
It's 3AM server time. I'm playing Facepunch Studios' Rust on an official server with about 90 other people, …

I was asked to draw Sparky, you know, the adorable Pikachu from the Pokemon series with the emo hair cut? Don't remember him? Check out the video, maybe then you'll remember!


A time lasp'd drawing, drawn in Rust, with a mouse too, so at least you could watch for that!

Rust - Museum of Fine Signs - Pokemon's Sparky (Pikachu)
Per Request! Here is Ritchie's adorable Pikachu Sparky from the Pokemon Series! What else would you like to …

Recreated another famous work of art in Rust, Manet's 'Seascape at Arcachon'. A Gorgeous, peaceful piece that should have more recognition in my opinion, and one of my favorite pieces by him.


Still only using a Mouse to paint in game!

Rust - Museum of Fine Signs - Manet's Seascape at Arcachon
Here's another classic piece to add to my classical hall! Manet's Seascape at Arcachon! This isn't one of his …

I tackled my first huge sign in Rust! Here's me painting a scene from Disney's Sleeping Beauty! DRAGONS!


-Have any suggestions? Leave a comment! They help boost motivation and you get featured in the video! :D yay for spotlights!

Rust - Museum of Fine Signs - Disney's Sleeping Beauty
Here is my first Huge Sign piece in Rust! I decided to go with one of my favorite Disney movies and Princess, …

More Rust paintings coming at you! I was asked to paint a Mass Effect painting, so I decided to do a portrait of Tali'Zorah. Now I haven't actually played the games, so I did a bit of researching, asked my fiancee (because he's obsessed), and I decided to paint her because I enjoy her look, and what little back story I had gotten. Tell me what you think! Feel free to comment here as well and leave a request for me to paint in game!

Rust - Museum of Fine Signs - Mass Effect's Tali'Zorah
Another Twitter request, although, I've never played the Mass Effect games, I did immediately cling to this …

Another Rust painting come right at yeah! Per request, I painted Charmander, (many asked for Pokemon) I decided to draw a very Loyal Charmander. Prepare for nostalgic feels.

Rust - Museum of Fine Signs - Loyal Charmander
I will surely do more pokemon if you guys are interested, as most of you know I'm deeply obsessed with Pokemon …

I've been absent for a while, but I was just recently featured on in their Dev Blog for two of my videos. I draw and recreate famous works of art in Rust with their newly added sign update, where you can paint on signs! Here are the two videos that were featured! I also take requests, hit me with your hardest challenges!


The two videos that were featured were, Edvard Munch's the Scream and Van Gogh's Starry Night.


(starry night ---> )


I also have other videos up as well, if you enjoyed these be sure to see the others!

Rust - Museum of Fine Signs - Edvard Munch's The Scream
The-Wang wrote

So I know this has been out for a while... but i just gave it a shot and... wow just wow, check out me noob it up in my first playthrough

What the Hell did I just play!? Rust Edition
That moment when you realize everyone is naked and you start to question everything in life.
SamuelT wrote
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