Welcome to my little corner to the web, this is a slightly edited transcript from the Scarlet Blade review video I did so if you would prefer to see that rather than read this, head over to the Youtube Channel and watch the video or the video at the bottom of this post. So let's talk about, Scarlet Blade. Scarlet Blade is a fantasy based completely free to play MMORPG that take place on a futuristic version of Earth after humanity has been wiped out by Alien attackers. With humanity pretty much annihilated, the Earth's last hope arrives in the form of cloned female super-soldiers known as Arkana. The game has been published in the west by popular online gaming publisher Aeria Games and comprises of an all female - character lineup.

The story is that when the invasion occured the Ark Project went underway testing on both male and female subjects, however females seemed to respond better to the cloning process. From that, 6 distinct archetypes were created, each designed to master a differnet weapon and paired with a battle mech to enhance their skills.

Each archetype undergoes a unique formative process, so that, as they grow they are altered, augmented and molded into living weapons. They are also aquired with a variety of synthetic enhancements including communication uplinks, skeletal playing and medical injection ports.

The current point in the game occurs 100 years after the Ark Project went underway and humanity fell. Apparently we as the characters are the redemption, and revenge of humanity's end. Well, as far as players go, we aren't much in terms of hope. Still never mind.

First need I need to point out strongly, this game is not for minors, even from the character creation I think we'd have all been able to figure that one out. This game was obviously created with the intent of targeting a specific audience and that shows, quite literally. Added note you will not be able to play this game with only one hand, sorry guys.

Anyway, point aside let's move onto the game itself. As you enter the game it's pretty much the same as any other mmo, you get your starting quests, basic instructions and you follow them through. It's your typical introduction into the game. Nothing new and nothing really all that special in my mind and it's not difficult to master, it does have quite a unique quest system in place though. As the majority of your quests will come from a little UI Icon that appears on your screen and you have to accept them that way, but even still it's not going to be something your going to struggle with.

The UI, oh the UI, if your using anything less than 1080p your screen is probably going to look cluttered, I recorded this in 720p just because and as you can quite clearly see, it's a frickin mess! Everything's so closely clumped together I don't quite know where to look, if I decide to venture further into this game past this video, I'll probably go for max resolution just to space out the UI a bit. But even still there's so much to it. You have your character bar in the top left, and I'm going to go more into that in a minute. Chat Window in bottom left, target bar center top. Hotkeys center bottom, and the right side of the screen is just filled with everything else some of it seemingly unneccesary, perfect example a radar window and minimap window, with all due respect that could've been implemented into one single feature.

Your Character bar consists of 4 main features. In the far left you have your character level, the top red bar is your characters HP which obviously increases as you level. The middle bar is your CP, I'm not actually quite sure what that stands for at this point, but this allows the use of your allocated MECH, and I can only assume is consumed as you do. The Bottom bar is your SP or skill points, which you can think of as your main resource or mana bar, and is consumed as you use your skills.

Basic movement is as it is with most MMO's, in fact most games these days, you use your W,A,S and D keys for movement, with the option of using the left mouse button to move to a specific location in visual range. The classic space bar to jump and you can click and hold the right mouse button to change the camera angle, pretty standard as I said, but everything can be changed and hotkeyed however you wish in the options menu.

With the questing, there is an interesting feature which seems to have been implemented. If you look at your objectives text you will find that a certain target will have been highlighted, if you are to left click on that text, your character will Auto - Travel to the location of the target of your quest. Now In some ways I like this feature, in some ways I obviously don't. It caters well for perhaps new inexperienced MMO players who want to sail through the game at an easy pace. However, and here comes the critique, it's a very lazy option to take advantage of and kind of expels that need to explore and find your objectives through your own means. On the other hand it is completely optional and it's down to the personal choice of the player.

The combat system was unsurprisingly familiar to me, but at the same time, surprisingly fluid and well animated. Even with just 3 action buttons the attacks seem well animated and with this being open beta there's still a few things to work out but I hit like a brick! It's fluid, it's well polished and actually looks how you would expect combat to look. Being action based the possibility for combo attacks makes it very fluid and dynamic and rather fun to watch. Probably my favourite feature of the game so far even after such a short time playing it.

Once you've completed the basic tutorial functions you get yourself sent out into the world. You pick up your first quests and continue on the story. Now the story itself, seems to flow nicely but it's all to familiar, kill something, complete quest, kill something more, complete quest i'm sorry to say but it's the same with every other MMO out there, it's basically a grind fest with a bit of story thrown in there. It did confuse me slightly initially in that, I didn't actually realise that as the player you are acting as the "commander" of the Arkana, and she actually talks to you during quests, rather suggestively at times I might add. But this avatar-player relationship does touch on and raise some interestingly delicate issues, including Slavery, mind-control, morality and other delicate subjects. It’s interesting to me as a person that there is that player involvement included.

Overall the game is something to keep an eye on in my opinion. Having just recently come into open beta it's got quite a few tweaks here and there, and as per usual the scam accounts have already started preying into the game trying to sell gold so that's something that needs to be sorted.

As with any other MMO it has it's ups and downs, personally I'm impressed more with the move Aeria Games has taken to put this onto the market more than anything. It's rather quite ballsy. But in all seriousness I'm quite intrigued as to where this game is going to go, and what future developments there are for the title.

Thanks for Reading guys, as always, I'll see you next time.