Hello listeners! Another week has gone by and I've picked another track for you to all listen to! This week it's The Opened Way from Shadow of the Colossus, so let's put our headphones on and tune in!
While my last two features were pretty low-key and relaxing, this week I've got a real battle theme for you from one of my favourite games, Shadow of the Colossus! While Revived Power would be more of an obvious and iconic choice, I've never been one for the obvious, and I always like shedding light on hidden gems like this one.
The Opened Way is a big, loud and powerful orchestra piece that plays at the perfect time, which is one of my favourite things about SotC: the musical co-ordination is perfect. It's nice and quiet when you're just riding around, and when you get close it plays a quieter piece like Signs of the Colossus. When you first see the colossus you get a new piece of music, and when you finally climb onto them, you get a kick-ass battle-anthem like A Violent Encounter, Revived Power or The Opened Way! (Wow, I've mentioned four different pieces, I'm working overtime this week...)
That's all for this week, and if you have anything you'd like to see featured on here, just post it to the wall of The Musicbox and if I like it enough, I'll feature it here! Keep your eyes on the screen and your ears on the lookout for fantastic music to share with the community.
Listen to this piece and think of all that you've done, and all that you have yet to do....let nothing stop you!