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The Binding Of Isaac

Indie Adventure/RPG
Windows, Mac
Sep 28, 2011
ESRB E | PEGI 16 | USK 16
The Binding of Isaac is a 2D action-adventure game in which the player controls Isaac or one of six other unlockable characters as he explores dungeons in which he has to collect money and weapons, defeat monsters as well as a final boss for every level.
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And this my friends is how we break Isaac :' )

Murf Versus: Day 21

Today's post is all about the way in which we treat losers in our gaming culture. How we demean them for not being better, dehumanize them by assuming they need our assistance, and demonize anyone who can't 'cut it' as a baddie, casual, or the like.

This is the last of my ancient drafts (i.e. not from this year). I am pretty pleased with the final version.

Link doesn't appear to be showing, so here goes.

Murf Versus: Day 18

Let's celebrate frivolous achievements in games. Or something!

#Blaugust Day 18: "Because it's there."
This post was originally written around the time of the Newbie Blogger Initiative this year. I kept pushing it …
Murf Versus: Day 17

In this post, I pay a ton of respects to the ever-excellent blog, Gamers Decrypted, which sadly is not participating in Blaugust this year.

Oh and I cheat at The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth and play as someone else for a change.

#Blaugust Day 17: Winking & Nodding to Gamers Decrypted
Somewhere along the line, I started reading Gamers Decrypted. I wasn't sure what to think at first, as most of …
Murf Versus: Day 16

To sum this post up, I don't care how you get to it (unless you use carrier pigeon, in which case, poor pigeons), but I want to know about the posts YOU think are the best representations of your blog thus far. I don't care how old or what they are about. I just need you to get me a few examples so I can pick the best one for's regular Blogger highlight post.

This isn't exclusive to Blaugust participants, but Blaugust participants are preferred. That includes those with only a single day or with every day under their belt. I don't care!

#Blaugust Day 16: The Bonanza Needs You
I need your help. It may even be in your best interest. I know Syl (MMO Gypsy) had a similar challenge, but I …
Murf Versus: Day 15

One more diversion from talking about video games, only this time it's about an anime rather than a television show. In general, I consider myself an anime fan, though I am not on the same level as many of my friends. It takes a lot for a show to capture my attention, and it takes even more for me to finish it.

As a sports anime, Yowapeda is second only to Hajime no Ippo for me, and together they are two anime I love dearly about sports I couldn't care less about: boxing and cycling.

Even if those sports don't interest you, I'd give either of these shows a chance. They have great characterization, a lot of heart, and a nice blend of drama and comedy.

What sort of anime do you all watch?

#Blaugust Day 15: No anime is as efficient or as entertaining as Yowapeda.
As a follow-up to yesterdays post, I am going to burn away today's entry with a throwaway draft I originally …
Murf Versus: Day 14

In today's post, I took a break from games to write about the new Scream television show that I surprisingly don't hate.

Oh and my Binding of Isaac run gets cut short because of my blabbering.

#Blaugust Day 14: Everybody Scream
What's your favorite scary movie? For me, it is the original Scream, a slasher just smart enough to excuse how …
Murf Versus: Day 12

In today's post, I need your help. I need your opinions on the videos I've so recklessly included in all of my Blaugust posts!

#Blaugust Day 12: The Blaugust of Isaac
Every post so far, I have included a single run from The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. The idea to do so came …
Murf Versus: Day 8

In this post, I take the phrase 'RNGesus' a step too far and get drunk playing Binding of Isaac.

#Blaugust Day 8: Converting to RNG-ligion
This is another draft that has been sitting comfortably for some time. It may be a bit heavy/weird for some. …
Murf Versus: Day 5

This post is a little darker than I would've written today. I wrote it a month and a half ago when I was in a darker place (in regards to this particular subject). The draft has largely remained undisturbed since, but considering today was a special interview day, I thought it was in line with my real life goings-on, so I posted it!

#Blaugust Day 5: Laziness and the Underachiever
This is the first of a series of unpublished drafts that I will be releasing for Blaugust. This was written …
Murf Versus: Day 2

Adventures continue in Binding of Isaac, and I also discuss my top secret Feedly organizational habits. Well, they won't be so secret when you click the link!

#Blaugust Day 2: The Pain of Pleasure
My job isn't easy. It isn't fun either. I work part-time in a deli doing some pretty strenuous stuff. I don't …

Streaming more isaac just for fun runs. Come hangout!


It's that Isaac time again. Today we have guest star @TealParrot and I think were going to use Eve


You heard correctly, there will be a new 365 days of The Binding of Isaac Rebirth video today. Beginning work now