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The Elder Scrolls: Online

Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PS4
TBC 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online is a MMORPG in which players have the opportunity to join three different factions who are warring over the throne of the Emperor of Tamriel. The gameplay features various classes, races and story driven questlines.



Had to quit writs to enjoy night swim on my island #Homestead

  • Jul 18, 2017, 10:49:34 PM

Posh !! :P


Xbox one... Just bought the game... Never played before... Looking for someone who is new at it too to adventure round with... I have lots of time cause I am on summer break... If your not new but willing to out up with a new player then that's cool too... Add me @BrittleBannana


XBOXone... Just bought the game today... Never played before... Looking for people in the same boat to go adventuring with... Have not created a character yet... But if we coordinate I can create one that might compliment yours... Have not picked a server so either would do... But Europe would be great... Add me @BrittleBannana


I'm Basically a new player, I played elder scrolls for like 2 hours and then quit, I'm looking to get back into it with other people. I'm level 6, NightBlade named Klaemore. I am on the NA Server. HMU my User ID is RedBandMontana

New to the community I play with one other player we're looking for a team to do the harder things we have good experience of the game he is a master crafter and we both above cp 550 were looking to 100% the game as we love it and play almost everyday we do all game content and have good. We are on the PS4 EU server despite one of us being American hehe. Add ViralError if interested current character name is Kazzim Assad

im a level 9 red guard nightblade on the US server and in trying to find some ppl to play with ths is a new character so my level is kinda low but im sort of experianced and know my way around


Need a companion for ESO...

I'm starting this week...


6 new items from Rolis Hlaalu on Horns of Reach PTS


1000 thanks for 1000 followers on twitter ❤


The biggest amount of vouchers by far!


New to the game. Level 15 wood elf archer. Add me on ps4 kunfushus


Hi all. So i just got the game when the morrowind dlc came out and i have no one on my friends list that plays this particular game and its starting to get boring soloing and playing with randoms. So please add me on xbox one, gamertag is CHARLIEMIKE77.


Hey guys my name is Prince,

I am literally just buying the game and I wanted some new company and new people and I figured what better way of doing it than just asking for it. I want to journey the game with fellow people get to know each other and have a lot of fun adventuring. We will be communicating on discord and if you interested leave down a comment so I can share with you my discord channel.Have yourselfs a great day


[PS4] [NA] PSN: b680054. I am looking for someone to play ESO with. High level or low it won`t matter. Just someone. Message me via PSN if you are looking to play.

looking to play with some great fun people to help me understand what im dooing because as of right now im just killing and doing quests.. Gamertag for xbox one: EAGLEstormHAWK

  • Jul 14, 2017, 6:46:36 AM

i can help im just starting a level 22 high elf sorcerer but i met a guy who was 600 champion and learned quite a bit my gt is JSA Gratified