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The Elder Scrolls: Online

Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PS4
TBC 2014
The Elder Scrolls Online is a MMORPG in which players have the opportunity to join three different factions who are warring over the throne of the Emperor of Tamriel. The gameplay features various classes, races and story driven questlines.


2Nerds is a weekly video/audio podcast that focuses on the video game industry and culture as a whole. Part nerd-rage, part philosophical discussion, part gameplay-mayhem. Share your thoughts with us!
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Acolytes Gaming nook. Discuss all things gaming, the Acolytes and tell em' what we do.
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Tamriel is a vast, untamed land. Asvarduil's characters wander the land, learning cool things and sharing them with you, in this handy blog!
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Aedes Lunae
Aedes Lunae
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Akear is our family name, we are a guild born from a strong core of close real life friends in our early 20's. Our core group is interested in gaming, and anime. We play Elder Scrolls Online, Tera , League of Legends, and Warframe and Minecraft.
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Housing in my point of view from Wildstar cartoonish to Eso Fantieval. Here I will show what I'm working on, what progress I make, what hair-pulls I have and how fun it is.
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Groups of adult gamers committed to coordinating our gaming experiences.
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My gaming channel. My co-host and myself will update this for our live streams and game reviews.
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Bethesda Softworks is a video game company based in Rockville, Maryland. Best known for Doom, Quake Arena Arcade and the Elder Scrolls series.
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Gaming conversations with interesting people. A podcast for the thinking gamer.
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A crafting and trading guild on the NA Megaserver
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The Blue Skooma Roleplayers are looking for new characters of all kinds! Join us for daily RP meets, a popular guild vendor, Teamspeak server, and the game's only weekly live auction. Many great storylines and friends await. Apply now at
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Community founded in 1998. Mainly focusing on MMORPG, over 600 members from around the world. We are a fun community built around teamwork, integrity and most importantly respect.
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Established in 1997 by a group of electronic DJs and producers who also enjoyed gaming together, the Buddah Tribe has evolved into a professional gaming community and electronic dance music outlet with 800+ members and counting.
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