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The Secret World

The Secret World

Windows, Xbox 360
Jul 03, 2012
The Secret World is a story driven MMORPG which features different playable factions, skill based charackter buildings, PvP Areas as well as numerous quests and side quests based on an investigation, sabotage and hunting gameplay.


There are no moderators for this game yet. If you are interested in moderating The Secret World please get in touch with us!

New to The Secret World? Here's a little guide for you. <3

The Secret World Guide for Newbies -
Every now and then a game comes along that changes everything you thought you knew and liked about MMOs. For …

Moving on from an old character to a new one (for now).

A New (TSW) Leaf
Back when I started playing The Secret World again, Chaide and I decided we should do it as a Let's Play, and …
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Loosing hope ..

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Still waiting for the good Jack to come ...


Finally got my last livestream up on my blog:

TSW Stream - Lumie Alt in Savage Coast
Finally getting the last livestream posted here. New mic is working and hugely better than I had before, but …
TSW Dev Stream 8/5/2016
I missed watching live since I was at work, but Secret World players got another dev stream today - the Twitch …

Now that I got it on Youtube and the blog, the stream last night. :)

TSW Stream - I Walk Into Empty Tyler Freeborn. Or something.
Calling the actual stream last night Day 3 of Blaugust, even though I'm just getting it on the blog now. …

Celebrate The Secret World's fourth anniversary with the Guardians of Gaia.

Guardians of Gaia
The passage of time has not made the secrets of The Secret World any less mysterious, nor has it softened the …

The group I play with in TSW just started Transylvania!

Gamer Girl Confessions: Welcome to the Hotel Transylvania
Over the weekend, we made our way out of the Scorched Desert and found ourselves headed to Transylvania... …

This is part 1 (of 3) of what WildStar can learn from The Secret World. In this part, I discuss RNG Boxes and take a deep dive into TSW's membership benefits.

What Wildstar Can Learn From The Secret World Part 1 - QueueTimes
Two of my favorite games are The Secret World and WildStar, in no particular order. The Secret World has been …
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I know, my blog has been awfully silent lately. Wanted to at least post a quick thing here, though. Over in The Secret World, they've been giving out customized ingame t-shirts to some of the groups and players who have been very active in the community. It's a very kind, and special thing …


TSW makes some changes to what their subscription members get!

TSW Revamps Member Benefits - QueueTimes
Today, Funcom's The Secret World implemented their re-worked membership benefits. These new benefits include: …

Chaide and I dropped the cash on the Grand Master packs. But it wasn't an impulse purchase by any means.

Gamer Girl Confessions: Why I Became a Grand Master
If you haven't heard by now, The Secret World is revamping their membership benefits, which went into effect …
  • Feb 10, 2016, 6:11:51 PM

I am so jealous!


Funcom's revenue was up in Q4 of 2015!

Funcom Revenue Up In Q4 2015 -
The classic 1982 film Conan opens with the narrator informing us that Conan is "...destined to wear the …