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The Sims 3

Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, 3DS, Android
Jun 02, 2009
ESRB T | PEGI 12 | USK 6
The Sims 3 is a strategic life simulation video game in which the players controls his own Sims in activities and relationships in a similar manner to real life based on an open-ended and indefinite gameplay.


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Hey guys! The Sims 4 is now on Anook, check it out!

The Sims 4 | Anook
Follow The Sims 4 on Anook to stay on top with the latest updates and strategies and share your own gaming …
Blaugust Day 27 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

It's the beginning of a difficult Sims 3 legacy: a runaway child with no money and no possessions.

The Salix Legacy: Addie comes to Crumpleton
Blaugust Day 27] Back at the beginning of the month, I mentioned how I wanted to start a new challenge in a …
Blaugust Day 5 for Lair of the Wolf Dragon

I'm back in The Sims 3 and I've become a little bit of a Britophile. I also can't stop editing the town.

A town named Crumpleton
Blaugust Day 5] Today's post is quite late today because again I've been drawn in The Sims 3, one of my …
Nyah uploaded a picture

When you're on fire and all you can think about is going the bathroom. #JustSimsThings

Nyah uploaded a picture

Pink overload! I doubt I will ever grow up... :P

Maressa uploaded a picture

Uniform for my fashion career....not so fashionable.


Was playing sims 3 and managed to get my 2 starter sims to celebrity status (one 1 star the other 3 stars) within about 2/3 hours. Not bad if I do say so myself!

As if it wasn't Monday enough

My legacy family lost their favourite dog, Mr. Boots, as he was crushed by a meteor.

As if it wasn't Monday Enough..
See that black rock over by my pond that's frozen over as a skating rink in the sims 3? It's a giant meteor …

Origin Download Link:


Code to get the sims for free:



TLDW, go to origin paste this code, and get the sims 2 ultimate collection for free.


Big thanks to EA and Origin to make this happen.


If you didn't know about it, now you do, videos of the gameplay will be put up pretty soon just so you have an idea what the game is like.

How To Get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection For Free
Origin Download Link: Code to get the sims for free: I-LOVE-THE-SIMS TLDW, go to …

Live now @ playing some games for fun and further testing. Come hang out for abit!

Charede - Twitch
First Experience Of Temtem The Pokemon Inspired MMO. Join Me On The Journey. Lets Have Fun, Learn & Explore …

Streaming some interactive sims 3! Come build a Family with me! :D

SxySniper - Twitch
Minecraft - FTB - First Time Playing! Green Screen Hype! (Teach me FTB)

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The Sims 3: I Don't Beliebe It (Stream Clip)
The Sims 3. What a silly game. I didn't even know they had famous people in it. Justin Bieber should probably …

Just about to play for some reason i feel like it hope i don't get bored