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The Walking Dead (Telltale)

Windows, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, iOS
Apr 24, 2012
ESRB M | PEGI 18 | USK 18
The Walking Dead is an episodic point-and-click horror adventure RPG which sets the player as a survivor in a zombie apocalypse. The gameplay is based on examining and interacting with items, charackters and the environment to solve difficult situations.


There are no moderators for this game yet. If you are interested in moderating The Walking Dead (Telltale) please get in touch with us!

This page needs more stuff on the feed! I have done an LP of every Episode so far and am currently uploading Episode 5, be sure to check it out if you are interested! :) Such a good story.


Starting a Walking Dead Let's Play on our channel first video will be up tomorrow night!


Part 1, Episode 1, Check out Telltales new game, they've done it again! Also my channels pretty dope too.

Indy Plays: The Walking Dead: Michonne Mini-series [Ep1] [Part 1]
Telltale Games came out with The Walking Dead: Michonne, a miniseries focused on what happened with Michonne's …

The only thing I hate about The Walking Dead game is waiting for new episodes


The final Walking Dead episode will be posted tomorrow. It's gonna be twice as long as the usual 10-13 minute episodes. Here's a link to today's.

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 1 - Part 6: Friends
Thank you for watching my video! Click some links, and add me! Hit me up on Facebook: …

I started season 2! :D

The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode One - Small Fish
Thank you for watching my video! Click some links, and add me! Hit me up on Facebook: …

Started a Walking Dead playthrough

TwoGentlemenGamers Participate in The Walking Dead! Part 1
Hey guys Austin(Weebles) here with a new solo series of TellTale Games amazing point n click. The Walking …

Walkers have taken the streets and people are dying by the minute. It doesn't help that the family bonds are weakening.I need all the help I can get If I am to survive the apocalypse.

Walking Dead A New Frontier [Fixer Upper]
The undead have no fear. They don't sleep and the never rest. some would say it is impossible to survive, but …

The Dead is still walking, and we have an entire town against us. But we are family, and family sticks together. This game plays with your emotions and in these last episodes there will be tears. that I promise.

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] The Beginning of the End
I tried to do the right thing. I tried to save people. But in the end I was betrayed. My decisions will come …

The walking Dead is a game that really messes with you. I have made many choices I ain't proud of but they all have lead me to this point. Many people have died already, but what will I be willing to do to same my own.

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] Betrayal
Family must stick together. In this great adventure I made many choices that I am not exactly proud of, and …

While the war against the undead is ongoing there is another one coming. I thought I had a strong team, but not anymore. I was hiding a truth that came to bite me in the ass.

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] Gave's Big Mouth
I seriously thought that we would we the upper hand, our groups seem to be getting stronger than ever. But …

I have tried to be nice. I tried to let them see the error of their ways. But they took David and made me the most wanted person in town. this is a fight long overdue. In the end one group shall stand, the other one shall fall be fed to the undead

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] Thicker than Water
I have tried to be nice. I tried to let them see the error of their ways. But they took David and made me the …

We were put in jail, but now the undead is not the thing the should be scared off!

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] The Breakout
Family must stay together. and in this new chapter of the walking dead, it is no exception. We were put in …

What comes around goes around. They betrayed my brother and hurt some many innocent people. Now I am coming to set things right and let everyone know. they fear the undead but they should fear me more.

Walking Dead [A New Frontier] Family first
My new family is together again. Now we will storm the complex, going through the risen dead and we will make …