I heard that they’re going to make a stand-alone mobile version of Gwent, a digital card-game, available later this year. So i decided to try the old-school version that came out last year. And I was delighted to discover that, in between matches, if I get bored I can play this mini-game with side-quests and sword battles and stuff. The mini-game is called “The Witcher 3” and some people like it almost as much as Gwent.


Anyway, like I said a few days ago, my plan was to grab The Witcher 3 when/if I could get it on discount with the Steam Summer Sale, which turned out to be day one, more or less. The only bummer was that it took forever to download, because I don’t have the best internet connection in the world, and forever to get started, since it’s mostly cut-scenes and I’ve got this newborn baby in the house, and also I’m no good at the combat system, and I never played Witcher 1 or 2 so I don’t know what’s going on.

Par for the course for Bukkhead. But I’m hoping this Gwent thing keeps me in it longer than games of this ilk have held onto me in the past. Dragon Age? I played it for about three hours. Skyrim? Maybe an hour or so.

I’ll let you know. Meanwhile, the Steam Summer Sale continues and I’m already spending my kids college money on games I’ll probably never play.