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Windows, Xbox One, Xbox 360
TBC 2014
Titanfall is a multiplayer mecha first-person shooter video game. Players can fight as Pilots or inside nimble mechs called Titans in order to complete various team objectives. The game also features single-player elements such like plots and characters.


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Titanfall 2 made an appearance at E3!

E3 2016: Titanfall 2 R-News
E3 is upon us! Join Red as he does his E3 coverage! Support me on Patreon! …

EA aims to launch Titanfall 2 by March, 2017.

EA Announces Titanfall 2, Other Titles For 2016 -
EA announces Titanfall 2 will be released by the end of the company's next fiscal year, which will end on …

Respawn are now hiring for Titanfall 2 as well as a new IP!

Respawn Now Hiring For Titanfall 2 -
At long last, it has come to light that Respawn Entertainment are hiring for Titanfall 2, as well as a new …

Just had some thoughts about Titanfall

A couple of thoughts about Titanfall
It's been quite a while since I've metaphorically penned any words here, and I hope to be able to expand the …

i dont care what you say, the SMART pistol sucks... its absolutely terrible.. yes it works as aimbot, but only about an hour after it locks...

Dave wrote


Titanfall Sequel in Development on Multiple Platforms
Speaking with IGN before tonight's BAFTA Game Awards, Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella has confirmed a …

Titanfall celebrates its one year anniversary by making all DLC free across all available platforms. Can they win at the video game BAFTAs tomorrow?

Titanfall Make DLC Free For Anniversary -
A year ago today, the epic MMOFPS launched for PC and Xbox consoles with a bang and today Respawn …

TitanFalls's DLC on Xbox One and Xbox 360 is now free for a limited time. Go to the Xbox Store or Xbox Smartglass to download the DLC.



Titanfall's DLC is free right now on Xbox One and Xbox 360
The three downloadable map packs released for Respawn Entertainment's futuristic first-person shooter …

LEGO Titanfall - Attrition

LEGO Titanfall - Attrition
All the crazy awesomeness of Titanfall, but in LEGO! Facebook: …

Epic x 10

Video: Titanfall | A glimpse of what a potential show could look like?
If you haven't seen it by now, Play Fight has released an action-packed CG trailer for Titanfall, titled "Free …

Week 7/30-8/8

Evolve Delayed, Titanfall DLC and more - IceGauntlet News
Evolve Delayed, Titanfall DLC and more - IceGauntlet News Check us on other websites. Facebook - …

So, while working on my Gen8 regen requirements, I decided to try a few restrictions on what I used. The first was only using my "Wingman" sidearm and frag grenades. I almost always use the Wingman, just to try and snipe with it (so difficult, but so satisfying when you get a kill), but I wasn't sure how I'd fare without getting in my titan or using my primary weapon. Apparently, not too bad. It may not be a 20/0 round, as I'm sure some could manage, but 16/4 is still something to be proud of, as far as I'm concerned.

Titanfall - 004 (Wingman 16/4)
So, I had a few good rounds of Titanfall. Nothing particular, but I still felt like I had to throw something …

Hey guys, Just started a youtube channel and uploaded some destiny content:

  • Jul 23, 2014, 12:44:40 PM

Welcome to Anook ^^

  • Jul 23, 2014, 3:12:26 PM

Interesting, and welcome!

  • Jul 24, 2014, 11:46:47 PM

Welcome and gl with new channel!


The one thing that glued me to my tv screen when playing TitanFall, was the ability to be a freaking ninja with a gun. I mean think about it! your able to run and jump off walls, shooting a rocket at a freaking walking tank! God, everything i dreamed of as a child comes true in one great game. it's title fits the game like a pilot in a titan cockpit. TitanFall


I made this in the beta. hope you enjoy :)

Blue Mercury | Titanfall Beta Montage | Anook
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