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Tomb Raider

Windows, Xbox 360, PS3
Tomb Raider is an action adventure video game in which the player slips into the role of Lara Croft. The gameplay is based on a story driven single player mode with different modes and challenges.


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Charede - Twitch
Dr Charede On The Case Ruining The Health Care System One Hospital At A Time; Deadly Diseases, Subpar Staff, …

Hey everyone the community giveaway for July is now live. Anyone can enter, best of luck.

1 copy of Tomb Raider (2013)
1 copy of Tomb Raider (2013)

Thanks to everyone who entered the June community giveaway for Jurassic World Evolution. The winner drawn has replied and been sent their prize. Thanks to everyone who participated! July's community giveaway will be starting in approx 12 hours at best of luck everyone!


My Tomb Raider series finally concludes tonight! Check it out at

Tomb Raider Ep 45: A Survivor Is Born | Charede Plays
In today's episode of Tomb Raider we face off against Matthais and the Sun Queen Himiko in a tense final …

So episode before the final one of the series, here we go

Tomb Raider Ep 44: The Sacred Passage | Charede Plays
Getting closer to the final we explore the Monastery's Sacred Passage and press on to challenge Matthias and …

Another day another episode and a step closer to the end. Part 43 of Tomb Raider now out

Tomb Raider Ep 43: The Monastery | Charede Plays
In today's Tomb Raider episode we finally reach the Monastery but will it be in time to save Sam? On Charede …

New Video out now can be found here

Tomb Raider Ep 42: Path To The Monastery | Charede Plays
In episode 42 of the Tomb Raider lets play we can see the monastery in the not too far distance. On Charede …

New vid out for Tomb Raider . Also heads up strawpoll is out for next series. See comment section of that video for link

Tomb Raider Ep 41: Going Back In | Charede Plays
Today's episode see Lara Croft going back into danger in a last ditch attempt to save her friends. On Charede …

Just posted a new video. I hope you like it!

Tomb Raider Ep 40: Enlightenment | Charede Plays
By delving through the research lab and subsequent areas Lara's finds information that might prove useful but …

Another little chapter in the Tomb Raider series as we rapidly approach its end

Tomb Raider Ep 39: The Research Lab | Charede Plays
As the plot thickens we explore the research lab for more answers that might help us defeat Himiko and …

So close to the end of this series now. New video up

Tomb Raider Ep 38: Storm Chaser | Charede Plays
The chaos kicks off as we chase the storm in Tomb Raider. On Charede Gaming we discuss good and bad games so …
Tomb Raider Ep 37: The Grotto | Charede Plays
Delving deeper into the islan's secrets we next explore The Grotto in Tomb Raider. On Charede Gaming we …

New lets play episode out today!

Tomb Raider Ep 36: Cargo Ship Sacrifice | Charede Plays
The ship shenanigans end in a dramatic ending. A great section of this Tomb Raider game don't miss out! On …
Tomb Raider Ep 35: More Ship Shenanigans | Charede Plays
Today's episode of Tomb Raider with Charede leads to more shenanigans on the ship. On Charede Gaming we …

Another Instalment of the Tomb Raider series is out!

Tomb Raider Ep 34: The Cliffside Bunker | Charede Plays
Plowing into the latter part of Tomb Raider now we take the time to explore the Cliffside Bunker and see what …